A general-purpose synthetic voice editor 'Unicoe' that can handle various voice synthesis engines and voice libraries for free is now available

There are many speech synthesizers that let programs read out specific texts rather than humans. There are various types of speech synthesis engines used in software, and

Mr. Bis has released a general-purpose synthetic speech editor 'Unicoe ' that can use multiple speech synthesis engines and speech libraries.

Unicoe official website

You can understand what kind of application Unicoe is by watching the following movie.

[Unicoe] App introduction-Nico Nico Douga

Unicoe allows you to register multiple speech synthesis engines and speech libraries.

The selected speech synthesis engine will read the text entered in the center.

Intonation can be adjusted for each phrase.

In addition, the standing picture of the audio library is also displayed.

Unicoe goes to the official website, clicks 'Download', and clicks the download link that appears.

Since it will transition to Google Drive, download 'UniCoe_v1.4.zip' that was uploaded at the time of article creation. The file size is about 138MB.

Click 'Ignore errors and download' and save the ZIP file at hand.

Unzip the saved UniCoe_v1.4.zip using standard Windows functions or software such as

Explzh. Open the 'UniCoe' folder

Double-click 'UniCoe.exe' to start it.

The started Unicoe looks like this.

In the initial state, Tsukuyomi-chan is registered as a voice library for the UtaSong engine and UtaTalk engine originally developed by Mr. Bis.

After registering 'Tsukuyomi-chan Talk' as a trial, I entered the text in the center and clicked the play button, and the text was read aloud automatically.

The following movie was actually read, and the intonation is the default setting, so it seems to be reading aloud in one word, but adjust the volume, speaking speed, voice pitch, intonation, and intonation position. It is also possible.

General-purpose synthetic voice editor 'Unicoe' + Tsukuyomi-chan read aloud the lines --YouTube

Unicoe can be used freely by individuals and corporations, and only redistribution is prohibited. However, redistributable packages are available with the pre-installed libraries and engine removed.

About redistribution
https://sites.google.com/view/unicoe/%E5%86%8D%E9%85%8D%E5%B8%83%E3%81%AB%E3%81%A4%E3%81%84 % E3% 81% A6

In addition, the use of the generated voice is not licensed, but the voice synthesis engine and voice library have licenses and terms of use, and after registering the Nikoni Commons page as a credit, the parent work is registered. It is recommended to accompany the credit notation.

The source code of Unicoe is published on GitHub under the MIT license.

GitHub --biss-git / YomiageLibrary: GUI platform for talk software

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