I tried 'Kuroge Wagyu SUKIYAKI Burger' and 'Hauori Fruit Pancake' to complete sukiyaki by dropping eggs.

At 'Eggs'n Things ', which is known for its heaping whipped cream pancakes, 'Japanese Black Beef SUKIYAKI Burger' and 'Howori Fruit Pancakes' will be available on December 27, 2021 as a limited menu for the year-end and New Year holidays. I bought it and tried it because it appeared from.

A limited menu that brightly colors the year-end and New Year holidays is now available! 'Hauori Fruit Pancake' 'SUKIYAKI Burger of Japanese Black Beef' Sold from December 27, 2021 (Monday) to January 20, 2022 (Thursday) --Eggs'n Things [Official]

Arrived at Eggs'n Things.

The limited menu for the year-end and New Year holidays is this 'Hauori Fruit Pancake' and 'SUKIYAKI Burger of Japanese Black Beef'.

This time I took out.

Maple syrup and ketchup were included, respectively.

First of all, 'SUKIYAKI burger of Japanese black beef'.

The burger is sandwiched with Japanese black beef seasoned in a sukiyaki style.

By dropping the attached egg yolk in the center, the sukiyaki-like taste will be further enhanced.

The meat, eggs, and green onions are perfect for sukiyaki. The buns absorb the taste firmly, so the sukiyaki flavor spreads throughout your mouth.

The potatoes have a crispy skin and the contents are fluffy, which is enough to eat. You can also eat it with the included ketchup.

'Hauori Fruit Pancake' is a pancake with 6 kinds of fruits such as mango, kiwi, strawberry, blueberry, banana and pineapple.

The sweetness and sourness of the fruit that spreads juicy is received by the pancakes that are modestly sweet and elastic, and the pancakes look bright and taste fresh. If it is eat-in, whipped cream is included.

'SUKIYAKI Burger of Japanese Black Beef' is 1450 yen including tax for eat-in and 1420 yen including tax for take-out. 'Hauori Fruit Pancake' is 1650 yen including tax for eat-in and 1180 yen for take-out.

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