Facebook automatically removes Merry Christmas congratulatory message as 'discrimination'

When I posted a message celebrating Christmas on a

Facebook ad , the post was deleted as 'violating the policy on discrimination'. Facebook commented on this, 'There are cases where problems occur with automated review systems.'

Facebook says it was wrong to ban Canadian Conservative MP Mark Strahl's Christmas message

Mark Strahl, a member of the Conservative Party of Canada, created a video message to celebrate Christmas and posted it on a Facebook ad. In the video, Mr. Strahl celebrated Christmas and New Year holidays, saying, 'From my family to your family. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!' In addition, he thanked him for responding to the floods in British Columbia, Canada, and encouraged him to continue donating to local charities.

However, posting this video has been rejected by Facebook's automated review system. The following screen is a screenshot of the moment when posting is refused, 'Advertisement is race, ethnicity, skin color, nationality, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, family situation, disability, medicine Do not discriminate against or encourage discrimination based on personal attributes such as gender identity or genetic status. ' You can see that it was done.

In addition, when Mr. Strahl contacted Facebook, Facebook admitted that the advertisement was removed due to an error in the automatic review system. 'Although our protests were successful, this is a good example of how tech companies that control a lot online are over-censored,' said Strahl. rice field.

When Reclaim The Net, an overseas media company, contacted Facebook, a spokeswoman for the company said, 'There are cases where problems occur with the automatic review system. Therefore, advertisers report problems when errors occur and review them. It is possible to ask for a review. '

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