'We have developed a TV that Japan can taste' and talked about it overseas

The Guardian, a major British newspaper, and Reuters, a news agency, have reported that they have developed a TV screen that Japan can taste, and it has become a hot topic. A demo movie that clearly shows what this 'TV screen that can be licked' and 'TV screen that can be tasted' is is now available on YouTube.

Taste the TV: Japan invents lickable screen to imitate food flavours | Japan | The Guardian


Tasty TV: Japanese professor creates flavourful screen | Reuters

Take a look at this delicious lickable screen to see the future we knew was coming --The Verge

The 'lickable screen' described by overseas media is 'Taste TV' developed by the Miyashita Laboratory of Meiji University. You can see what kind of TV you can enjoy from the following movies.

TTTV: Taste TV, the birth. (TTTV: Taste Display with spray-mixing method) --YouTube

The TV you can taste is shown in the image below.

A sheet is pasted on the surface of the screen, and a spray is sprayed on the sheet at the red frame part ...

Carry the part with the droplets onto the screen.

When you lick the screen, you can feel the taste of the ejected droplets.

Removing the outer frame makes it easier to understand the mechanism. There is a roller at the bottom of the screen ...

It is designed to wind up used sheets. Since the sheets are disposable, it does not happen that someone else tastes the sheet that someone has tasted.

In the development of TV to taste, various foods are crushed ...

Measured with a taste sensor.

Looking at the contents of the case at the top of the spray injection part, a total of 10 containers are installed.

The liquids in 10 types of containers are mixed by spraying to reproduce the taste of food.

As an actual way to use the TV to taste, you can use it as a 'tasteable menu' ...

Develop a sommelier training app.

Cooking app that you can taste

Taste quiz

Taste compatibility diagnosis

Taste game

A taste slot machine that rewards the taste itself

Taste gacha that mixes tastes with random numbers

Taste piano that mixes taste with the keyboard

Also, even if you only have crackers, you can download the taste from the website and spray it on the crackers to enjoy various toppings.

The spray that reproduces the taste is based on the five flavors of acidity, bitterness, sweetness, saltiness, and umami.

Also, the taste of alcohol ...

You can also express spiciness.

It also reproduces the scent using flavors.

Since it is possible to check the amount of salt and sugar, it seems that it can also be used as a tool to help a healthy diet.

Professor Yoshiaki Miyashita of Meiji University said, 'Taste TV so that you can experience eating at a restaurant on the other side of the world even at home in the era when the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) is prevalent. It was developed with the idea of '. Professor Miyashita has collaborated with 30 students to create prototypes over the past year, and estimates that the cost required to create a commercial version is about 100,000 yen.

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