Facebook forbids to exclude people of certain religion and race from advertisements

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Facebook's targeted advertisement is a system that displays the best advertisement on Facebook's user screen based on user's information and behavior. When UNIQLO's advertisement is displayed immediately after speaking about UNIQLO in SNS, advertisement of medicine is displayed when shopping at a pharmacy, and so on with accuracy, " Is Facebook in wiretapping the user? " Many people have doubts about it. Facebook announced to temporarily stop such targeted advertisements.

Facebook to end ad targeting that excludes ethnicities and religions in deal with Washington State AG - GeekWire

On Facebook, it is a business model to display advertisements according to the attributes of users, and we have displayed advertisements that are likely to be interested based on specific age groups, gender, and behavior. However, many discussions have been done on targeted advertisements than before, and accusations such as "it is prohibited by law that job advertisements displayed according to the age of users are restricted" It was.

Expanded view of problematic job advertisement using Facebook as "displaying job-targeted advertisements targeting young people"

In targeted advertising, advertisers can set "what kind of target do you want this ad to show". Not only age-setting targets can be set, but also racial and religious targets can be set such as "Do not display in blacks and Hispanics".

Mr. Bob Ferguson , Washington State Attorney General, is a person who conducts judicial activities very actively, including announcing that they will file a lawsuit claiming President Trump 's entry prohibition is unconstitutional . Mr. Ferguson said, "Facebook targeted advertising allows discrimination based on race, sexual orientation, disability, religion, which is inequality and wrong action, it is illegal," said Facebook, I complained.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ferguson and Facebook settled "to remove the advertiser's ability to target based on race, religion, sexual orientation for advertisements such as housing, recruitment, insurance and public facilities for 90 days" did. Based on this agreement, target target ads will not be targeted by 90% of targeted ads on Facebook due to discriminatory factors.

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Mr. Ferguson argues that "Facebook targeted advertisement is illegal", but Facebook says that "advertising platform adheres to all applicable laws" is not illegal.

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