If you explain the 'origin', 'function', and 'user group' of Discord, it will be like this

The communication app Discord is used by a wide range of users such as gamers and investors. The origins and characteristics of Discord are explained by

Packy McCormick , the author of the economic newsletter Not Boring.

Discord: Imagine a Place --Not Boring by Packy McCormick

◆ The origin of Discord
Discord founder Jason Citron released the iPhone game Aurora Feint in 2008. Aurora Feint has gained some reputation as a highly addictive game, but it hasn't been an explosive hit. However, Aurora Feint had chat rooms and leaderboards, forming a community not found in other large online games.

After that, Mr. Citron developed the game community platform 'OpenFeint ' based on the community function of Aurora Feint. OpenFeint was acquired by GREE in 2011 for about ¥ 8.57 billion. After the sale of OpenFeint, Citron will launch a game development company, Hammer & Chisel, to release the MOBA game, Fates Forever. However, sales of Fates Forever By and did not reach the target, Stan nectar Nevsky, co-founder of Discord is a 'do not want to make any more games,' said had.

'We've been talking about building a chat service, but we have some thoughts on how to do it,' said Bishnevsky. Over the next few months, Hammer & Chisel employees researched a chat service for gamers and came up with the idea of building a 'private cafe for games with always-on calls.'

And Citron and colleagues released Discord in 2015. At the time of Discord's release, calling apps such as 'TeamSpeak ' and 'Skype' were popular, so the number of users at the time of release was small. However, one day, the number of users began to increase because Discord was talked about in the subreddit about Final Fantasy on the online bulletin board Reddit. Over the next few years, Discord has grown to have hundreds of millions of users.

◆ Discord functions
Discord has so many features that it's hard to say what you can do with Discord, but business-related news site Quartz says about Discord: 'A rough combination of Slack, AOL Instant Messenger, and Zoom. please imagine. that way, Easy to handle close to Discord 'and description have been. In addition, the game-related site PCGamer is a notable feature of Discord, such as 'high-quality calls with unlimited time', 'live distribution with less lag', 'simultaneous viewing of multiple live distributions', and 'text chat with virtually unlimited archives'. '' file sharing, '' the point, such as can also be used 'in the smartphone taking you.

McCormick also focused on Discord's 'ability to create a server for any topic very easily', and the essence of Discord is not the superiority of the installed functions, but the provision of 'location' to the user. Claims to be in.

◆ Difference between Discord and Slack
A popular chat app in recent years is Slack, which is widely used as a corporate communication app. However, with Slack, you need to subscribe to a paid plan to use the main features. Discord, on the other hand, allows you to use most of the features for free. Also, Slack basically does not involve cross-community communication, but Discord allows you to exchange direct messages as long as you know your username.

McCormick argues that the most notable difference between Discord and Slack is the number of extensions. Slack is the 'application of more than 2400' at the official site appeal has been, but the (extended functionality provided by a variety of functions in the Discord) millions of BOT in the article creation point to Discord will not exist.

There are various types of Discord BOTs, such as those that play music, those that provide a timer function, and those that manage permissions within the server. In addition, Discord is working to expand the BOT ecosystem, and it is expected that new BOTs will continue to appear in line with user demand.

In addition, Mr. McCormick points out that the difference between Discord and SNS such as Twitter and Facebook is that 'the number of followers is not displayed' and 'there is no timeline to display the post list of all participating servers at once'.

◆ Discord users
Discord is estimated to have about 300 million users, of which 150 million log in to Discord every month. In addition, 9 of the top 10 servers displayed in the 'Community of Interest' column in Discord's server search function are game-related servers, and the remaining 1 is an animation-related server. 'Discord was originally developed for gamers, and given the similarities between game and anime fans, this result is convincing,' said McCormick.

In addition to game-related servers, the number of servers dealing with topics in genres such as education, investment, and crypto assets is increasing. 'It's natural for children to use the tools they use for games to study,' McCormick points out, as one-fifth of American gamers are under the age of 18.

Education-related servers include servers for children such as 'servers that help with homework' and 'servers for studying together', as well as servers for adults such as 'English learning server'. Also, when creating a new server in Discord, the learning-related templates will be displayed next to 'Games'.

In addition, a student-only server creation service 'Student Hub' is also available. From these, we can see that Discord is focusing on expanding learning-related servers.

'Facebook and Instagram are having problems dealing with young people, and in this situation Discord could be a catch-all for young people seeking social media,' McCormick said.

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