Fake news network operator 'Hacker X' who pushed Donald Trump to president reveals employer

'Hacker X,' Robert Willis, confessed, 'I was carrying out a large-scale fake news campaign to push Donald Trump to the presidency during the 2016 US presidential election.' He revealed that he was newly hired by Natural News, a website that encourages alternative medicine, pseudoscience, and far-right extremism.

Statement: 10/18/21 – @rej_ex

Disinformation guru “Hacker X” names his employer: NaturalNews.com | Ars Technica

Willis confessed to IT news site Ars Technica on October 14, 2021, 'creating a fake news site to push Donald Trump to the president.' Willis also appeared in a book published in 2020 by former White House chief information officer and cybersecurity expert Theresa Payton, in order to keep his name secret. I used the common name 'X', but when I revealed the details such as the technique, I announced the name etc.

The following article details how Willis was involved in creating a fake news site and what he was doing during the 2016 US presidential election.

Why did Hacker X, the operator of the fake news network with Donald Trump as president, reveal his identity now? --GIGAZINE

by Gage Skidmore

Willis confessed in a blog post dated October 18, 2021, that he was employed by Natural News, a website known for articles on alternative medicine, pseudoscience, and far-right extremism. That thing. Willis stipulated that the employer's name should be kept secret in order to avoid legal issues when responding to Ars Technica's interview. I noticed that many people thought, 'I think I protected the fake news management organization.' He said that he decided to reveal the employer again in response to the voice of the user.

Natural News claims the dangers of a variety of fluorine-containing drinking water, antiperspirants, laundry cleaners, sodium glutamate, aspartame, vaccines, genetically modified crops, recommends homeopathic therapy for Ebola, and anti-retroviruses against HIV. It is the most notorious website that encourages alternative medicine and pseudoscience, such as denying the effectiveness of drugs and insulin against diabetes. Founder Michael Allen Adams is also famous for his support for conspiracy theories as a pseudoscientist, although Willis didn't know anything about Adams when he was hired, but 'Natural News reported Natural. I knew about health-related articles on Yahoo News. '

Mr. Willis said that he was 'not aware that the article he was reporting was fake news' about the fake news site management business he was involved in. According to Willis, I can't prove it at all because it's in my brain, but at that time I was only concerned about the number of accesses, and I didn't care if the article was true or not. Willis said, 'I look silly when an article is fake, but it's true.' 'I remember that articles like'Women with big butt are smart'were popular, but this is In an entertainment article, I thought no one would believe this (rather than fake news). '

Mr. Willis has repeatedly insisted that 'Natural News's fake news site management business, in which he was involved, contributed to Donald Trump's victory in the presidential election,' and foreign powers, led by Russia, created fake news. Regarding the theory that he was doing, he commented, 'I don't think it was (as far as he can see).'

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