7 mistakes you should definitely avoid on the SaaS landing page

One of the factors that influences whether prospective customers can use the product

in running a SaaS startup is the composition of the top page and landing page of the website. Market Curve , a landing page creation service, provides ideas and tips for improving your landing page right away.

7 biggest landing page mistakes to avoid — Market Curve

◆ Mistake 1: Talk about features
The first thing to understand is that 'customers aren't interested in your product, they are interested in what your product does to you.' For this reason, you should avoid landing pages that only explain 'features'.

For example, if there is an app that records what the user says, the function can be expressed in one word as a 'voice memo app'. However, few people can realize its convenience by being called a 'voice memo app'. Expressing this with a focus on 'how the product is beneficial to the user' is 'you can write down your ideas even when you are too lazy to move your hands.'

Similar examples include copies such as 'Triple conversions within 3 weeks' and 'Get feedback from customers in 10 seconds'. It is important to let the other person imagine what kind of benefits can be obtained by using the product.

◆ Mistake 2: Write in the passive voice
It is better to write in the active voice like '2000 people in the world love this product' rather than writing in the passive voice that 'our product is used by 2000 people all over the world'. .. This is basically shown as a merit that the active voice is more straightforward than the passive voice, that the important points can be shown at the beginning, and that it becomes a more direct behavior-based writing style. However, the fact that you can show important points at the beginning is a merit that is strongly seen in English grammar.

◆ Mistake 3: Talk from your own perspective

On the landing page, you should write sentences with 'you' as the subject instead of 'us'. This is more of a user's purchase if it says 'Your sales process is your lifeline. Let's streamline your lifeline' rather than the sentence 'Our software helps streamline the marketing process.' It is shown in the example of stimulating motivation.

◆ Mistake 4: Don't make the copy 'fun to read'
If the text is monotonous and long, the reader will be bored and will stop reading any further. For this reason, it is important to create a rhythm by combining sentences of various lengths.

Another point is that you don't write sentences that you see somewhere. The more competitive SaaS, the more important the memorable and impressive texts will be. You need to write something that arouses the reader's curiosity and makes you want it.

◆ Mistake 5: Don't spend time on headlines

Headings are one of the most important parts of a landing page and it's worth spending 50% of your time on the landing page.

Past research has shown that when a prospect spends more than a second on a landing page, the product and the problem-solving it offers become more attractive to the prospect. When a prospect leaves a page, most of them make decisions in a few milliseconds, and 'staying on the page for more than a second' increases the chances of getting a customer.

Headlines are an important factor in determining whether a prospect stays on the page or leaves the page, Market Curve explained.

◆ Mistake 6: Don't use customer words
Most founders and marketers don't spend enough time interacting with their customers. However, the level of awareness and true needs of the customer can only be understood by having a good conversation with the customer.

It is important to try to understand the language pattern used by the customer, the problem they are having, and the solution they are looking for, using the methods below.

・ Call customers and prospects
・ Observe keywords in niche markets
・ Join a group of Slack or Discord
・ Subscribe to the same market e-mail newsletter for businesses
・ Conduct a questionnaire

Market Curve says that by constantly tracking the data obtained, such as in Google Docs, and using the words from customers on the landing page, we should see an increase in conversions.

◆ Mistake 7: CTA is unclear

CTA is the most important part of the SaaS landing page. CTA setting is done by the following process.

1. 1. Define CTA
The definition of CTA is to define 'what you want the most users to do'. First of all, determine what you want the user to do most, such as 'subscribing to an e-mail newsletter,' 'sending product feedback,' and 'subscribing to a product demo.'

2. Understand customer awareness level
The behavior of a user who has just visited the landing page is different from the behavior of a user who has stayed on the page for a long time. It is necessary to set the CTA according to the customer's consciousness.

Customer awareness levels are generally considered to have the following five levels.

・ Ignorance (level 1): I do not know that there is a problem
・ Problem awareness (level 2): I feel that there is a problem
・ Awareness of solution (level 3): Wants to solve the problem
・ Product recognition (level 4): Know how to solve problems with products provided by SaaS
· Clearly want a product (level 5): want to use that product

With these five stages in mind, it is necessary to prepare a CTA that matches the level of awareness of the user.

The CTA prepared by the above method reduces the cognitive load of the prospect, clarifies what the prospect should do, and does not overwhelm the first visitor. Clarifying the CTA also has the advantage of 'clarifying important points' on the SaaS management side.

In addition, a good CTA is 'easy to understand,' 'low hurdles,' and 'less than 60 seconds to run,' Market Curve said.

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