Third-party apps can be distributed on the 'Microsoft Store' at no additional fee, and Android apps and Epic Games games can also be installed.

On October 5, 2021, Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 11, will be released.

Microsoft's app store, Microsoft Store , will be redesigned to match this, and third-party apps such as Amazon Appstore apps and Epic Games Store games will be delivered without additional Microsoft fees. It was announced that it will be.

Microsoft Store: More apps, more open --Windows Developer Blog

Microsoft opens its Windows store up to third-party app stores --The Verge

When Microsoft announced Windows 11 in June 2021, it was appealing that the integration of the Microsoft Store and Amazon Appstore would make Android apps available on Windows. It is also reported that browsers such as Firefox and games distributed on the Epic Game Store will be able to be installed from the Microsoft Store.

It is reported that Android apps obtained from other than the official store can also be executed on Windows 11 --GIGAZINE

On September 28, 2021, Microsoft General Manager Giorgio Sardo wrote on his official blog, 'We will change our policy in the spirit of'Open Store for Open Platforms', which will result in third-party stores. It's now as easy to search and install as any other app, 'he said, announcing the further expansion of the Microsoft Store lineup.

Microsoft has already released communication tools such as Discord, Zoom Cloud Meetings, and Cacao Talk, media apps such as VLC, Luminar AI, and Music Maker, TeamViewer, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, etc. as the first desktop apps available in the Microsoft Store. We are announcing productivity applications such as LibreOffice and Microsoft apps such as Microsoft PowerToys, Visual Studio Code, and Visual Studio Community.

In addition, PWAs such as Reddit, Wikipedia, TikTok, Lyft, Quizlet, and Tumblr have also appeared. Reddit and Wikipedia are web services that can be accessed via a browser, but with the advent of PWA in the Microsoft Store, which allows mobile web applications to be treated like native apps, these services can be used as PC apps. It will be available from.

In addition, integration with other app distribution stores will allow apps and games deployed on each platform to be searched and installed in the Microsoft Store. As mentioned earlier, it is already known that apps and games from the Amazon Appstore and Epic Games Store will be distributed on the Microsoft Store, and according to the IT news site The Verge, a major game distribution platform in the future. Steam may also be added. Epic Games is currently in a fierce legal battle with Apple and Google over fees, but Microsoft has stated that it 'will not charge if the app has its own in-app billing system.'

In addition, Opera and Yandex Browser, which compete with Microsoft Edge, will be added to the Microsoft Store. However, it is unknown at the time of writing whether Google Chrome will also be added to the Microsoft Store.

'Our work is still in its infancy, and we look forward to working with the developer community to provide more great experiences for Windows users through the Microsoft Store,' said Sald. I did.

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