Delta proposes to share 'a list of passengers who repeat annoying acts that have to interrupt flights' between airlines

Airlines blacklist 'uncontrollable passengers' who create situations where they are forced to interrupt their flights by repeating threats and violence during the flight, and 'boarding' to prevent them from boarding the plane. We are creating a 'ban list'. Delta Air Lines, a major American airline, suggests that airlines should share their own boarding ban list.

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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which regulates aviation in the United States, says that reports of nuisance passengers creating situations that force flights to be interrupted are 'increasing year by year.'

To deal with these nuisances, the FAA signed an order on January 13, 2021 to 'enable stricter legal enforcement policies for nuisances.' This allows the FAA to impose fines of up to $ 37,000 on nuisance guests, who could also be charged with criminal charges.

In addition, a detailed report is available that summarizes information about the nuisance passengers that airlines send to the FAA. According to this report, since January 1, 2021, we have received 4385 reports from airlines regarding 'passengers who have to interrupt their flights.' In addition, of the 4385 reports of nuisance passengers, 3199 were reported as 'passengers who refused to comply with the US government's obligation to wear face masks.'

Delta also has a comprehensive list of 'passengers who have to interrupt their flights', and it is clear that more than 1,600 people are registered on this list. Delta also reported that it reported more than 600 junk passengers to the FAA in 2021.

In addition, it has been revealed that Delta has proposed to other airlines to 'share the boarding ban list with each airline' in order to protect workers working in the aviation industry throughout the industry. increase. Delta explains why it shares a ban list: 'If a customer can board a flight on another airline, the ban list isn't working.'

Delta Air Lines apparently sent these measures to its employees after a hearing for airlines held by the US House of Representatives Transport and Social Infrastructure Commission. In addition, Delta Air Lines is requesting the US Ministry of Justice to take as serious measures as possible against unsolicited guests.

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