I tried using 'Montebello squid ink paste' which completes authentic squid ink pasta even though it is card size

Even if you cook for yourself and suddenly say, 'I've come to the taste of the food I cooked. I want to eat the taste of the restaurant ...', it can be difficult to eat out. 'Montebello squid ink paste', which is card-sized and does not take up storage space, can be stored at room temperature for several years, and it seems that it is convenient to make full-fledged squid ink spaghetti at home, so check the taste. I tried using it as much as possible.

Montebello's squid ink paste is card-sized like this. With this, you can make squid ink pasta for 4 people, it can be stored at room temperature, and it does not take up a storage space, which is quite convenient.

Only 'squid ink', 'salt' and 'thickener' are used as raw material names. The calorie is 50kcal per 100g and the content is 8g, so it is calculated as 4kcal per package.

Inside the paper package were two sachets of squid ink paste. Since it is 4g x 2 bags, it is a fairly small amount.

When I tried eating the paste as it was, it had a sticky texture like paint, and the saltiness was strong. The moment you put it in your mouth, it has a nice rocky shore odor, and it has a delicious taste that is combined with saltiness and condensed seafood. It was my first time to eat squid ink alone, so I was wondering if it had a scent like ink, but there is no particular scent reminiscent of ink.

Looking at how to make 'squid spaghetti (for 4 people)' written on the back of the package, the necessary ingredients are noodles, olive oil, 1 cup of white wine, 2 pieces of garlic, 1/2 onion , Solid soup, squid. This time, I will use one consomme cube and frozen seafood mix for solid soup.

First, chop the garlic and onions ...

Fry in olive oil until the onions are golden brown. Boil the pasta at the same time.

When the onions turn golden brown, add white wine and seafood mix.

First, add 1 bag of squid ink paste.

At this point it turned quite black.

If you put another bag there ...

The sauce is black.

You can remove the squid ink paste by washing your hands with water, but be careful as it is difficult to remove it when it gets on your clothes.

Finally, add solid consomme ...

Pour 2 tablespoons of water and boil over low heat.

It doesn't say how much it should be boiled down, so while tasting it, I decided to use it if the alcohol was flying.

The sauce itself is for 4 people, but the boiled pasta was for 1 person, so save the unused pasta ...

Add pasta.

Tangle the noodles and sauce and you're done.

Most of the squid ink pasta sauces on the market are sloppy, but since they are not viscous, it was not possible to say that the noodles would be dyed black.

It feels like soup pasta, and the sauce collects under the plate, so mix it well before eating.

When you try it, the scent of the rocky shore spreads in your mouth. Not only squid ink but also seafood is added, and the combination of consomme, garlic and white wine raises each other's potential and is too strong, so it feels like all the flavors are condensed in the sauce. It takes more time than the sauce of 'just mix it with boiled pasta', but if you boil the pasta and cook it at the same time, it will be completed in about 20 minutes, so 'It is difficult to go out, but I want to eat the taste of the shop ... It fulfills the desire of '...'.

By the way, the pasta sauce I made has a consomme base, so it tastes good in any combination. When combined with rice, it looks like risotto ...

It can be diluted and drunk as a soup. I was happy to soak the bread and eat it. Even if you make it for 4 people, you can consume it immediately, so it is also an ant to make it in bulk and stock it.

In addition, Montebello's squid ink paste was purchased at the actual store of Cardi this time, but it can also be purchased at Rakuten from 287 yen including tax .

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