Vaccination Certificate Cards Now Available in Beta of iOS 15.1

Beta distribution of iOS 15.1 began just one day after the release of iOS 15. In iOS 15.1 beta version, inoculation records and test results of the new coronavirus vaccine can be managed on the iPhone.

Verifiable Medical Record Updates-News-Apple Developer

iOS 15.1 will support verifiable COVID vaccination cards in Apple Wallet | AppleInsider

According to Apple, the vaccination card can be managed with the genuine iPhone application 'Healthcare' that can record various health information. Users of iOS 15.1 can download and save vaccination records, test results, etc. to health care apps, and share these records with third-party apps. In addition, in a future update, records will be added to the wallet application and can be quickly presented to facilities in various places.

For recording vaccinations, etc., the open and interoperable framework ' SMART Health Cards ' based on the Verifiable Credential of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the HL7 FHIR standard is used.
SMART Health Cards were developed because of the worldwide progress in vaccination and the desire to create digital certificates to replace paper vaccination certificates. The Vaccination Credential Initiative (VCI), a project created by numerous companies and organizations such as Microsoft and Oracle that developed SMART Health Cards, is working to enable digital access to certified clinical data and credentials. increase.

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'The vaccination card system is designed to protect user privacy,' Apple reports. Sharing to third-party apps is allowed, but third-party apps do not provide continuous access to medical records. In addition, when developing an app that can query vaccination cards, developers need to make sure that the data is encrypted during transfer and storage.

Apple will publish guidelines for developers in the future.

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