Congress launches a new investigation, saying Facebook was hiding that 'Instagram is harmful to teenage mental health'

Facebook continued to send out such things as 'use of SNS may be beneficial for mental health' and 'planning to develop Instagram for children', but in fact, 'Instagram is a teenage boy' in the company for a long time. It continued to be perceived as 'harmful to girls,' the Wall Street Journal revealed on September 15, 2021. In response, various lawmakers, including Democrats, Republicans, and bipartisan parties, have blamed Facebook in the United States, and a new investigation into Facebook has been announced.

Lawmakers demand Facebook answer how it impacts kids' mental health

Congress will investigate claims that Instagram harms teens --The Verge

The fact that Facebook was aware of the harmful effects of Instagram was revealed by the leak of its own internal research. You can read more about the results of the internal investigation below.

Facebook continues to recognize that Instagram is harmful to teens-GIGAZINE

In response to the news, US Senate Commercial Commissioners Richard Blumenthal and Marsha Blackburn on Consumer Protection have contacted Facebook whistleblowers and announced that they have begun a new investigation.

'It's clear that Facebook isn't capable of taking responsibility. The Wall Street Journal focuses on the idea that Facebook is'willing to make any sacrifices for growth', and the lives of children and teens.・ We have revealed that we have focused on benefits over health. ”“ When we had the opportunity to provide us with information about young Instagram users, Facebook hid clear evidence that “Instagram is harmful” and We provided a misleading and deceptive answer, 'the two lawmakers said in a statement.

Facebook's actions reported by The Wall Street Journal have been criticized by many lawmakers, and the Republican Party has submitted a 3.5 trillion yen revised budget to address the impact of technology on teenage boys and girls. matter. Republican Rep. Gus Bilirakis has also submitted a bill to the Federal Trade Commission to track 'unfair and deceptive behavior and practices by social media targeting children's mental health and privacy.'

'Big Tech is a new tobacco industry. Facebook is lying about its products harming teens,' Republican leader Ken Bach said in a statement to the news.

In addition, a Democratic group, including Congressman Ed Markey, Kathy Castor, and Lori Trahan, sent a letter to Facebook calling for abandonment of plans to create Instagram for children. 'Children and teens are a vulnerable group online, and the findings make it clear that Instagram poses a major threat to the well-being of young people as an app,' lawmakers said.

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