Google Chrome 93 stable release, update every 4 weeks from now on

Version 93.0.4577.63, the latest stable version of the web browser ' Google Chrome', has been released. There are many updates for developers.

New in Chrome 93 --Chrome Developers

New in Chrome 93: CSS Module Scripts, URL Handlers for PWAs, the PWA Summit, and more! --YouTube

◆ Shortening the release cycle
As announced in March 2021, the release of Google Chrome changes every four weeks. However, the next Chrome 94 will be released on September 21, 2021.

◆ Supports CSS module
CSS modules can now be read with import statements, just like JavaScript modules. The loaded module can be applied to the entire document or the Shadow DOM of the web component using 'adopted Style Sheets' as it is.

◆ Updated multi-screen window placement API
The multi-screen window placement API provided as part of the Origin Trial has been updated with properties that allow you to quickly see if multiple displays are connected, a function that allows you to get all display details at once, and a new display. Functions such as functions that can take actions when connecting or disconnecting have been added.

◆ Other updates

-Added new placement keywords for Flexbox
Added are 'start', 'end', 'self-start', 'self-end', 'left', and 'right'.

-Clipboard API supports SVG files

・ Media can be set in the theme color setting of meta tag
It is now possible to change the theme color in light mode and dark mode.

· Block connections on port 989 and port 990
As a countermeasure against ALPACA attacks , connections to HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP servers on ports 989 and 990 now fail.

-Supports 'Object.hasOwn'
In JavaScript, 'Object.hasOwn' is now supported as an alias for ''.

・ Disable Specter measures on Android
Temporary countermeasures against Specter attacks were enabled at the expense of performance in 2018, but Specter countermeasures aftersite isolation , which is a more efficient countermeasure, was enabled in Chrome 92 for Android Has been disabled to improve performance. This measure has been disabled in the desktop version as of the end of 2018.

Chrome 93 also contains 27 security bug fixes .

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