Samsung's vertical foldable smartphone 'Galaxy Z Fold 3' overseas review summary, durability improvement & S pen support improves convenience, but price is a bottleneck?

The smartphone '

Galaxy Z Fold3 ' announced by Samsung in August 2021 is the third generation model of the side-opening foldable smartphone ' Galaxy Fold ' series, with a stylus S pen compatible and a screen-embedded front camera, 7.6 inches. It features a main display with a resolution of 2208 x 1768 pixels and a refresh rate of 120Hz. Various media are sending out impressions after actually touching such Galaxy Z Fold 3.

The Verge, an IT news site, has three advantages of the Galaxy Z Fold3: 'water resistance,' 'significantly improved screen usability,' and 'excellent multitasking on Android.' The three points are 'embedded front camera', 'size and weight that are difficult to use with one hand', and 'price'.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 review: nearly normal --The Verge

As for the display, The Verge said that the refresh rate of both the cover display and the main display is 120Hz, so the movement on the screen is very smooth. Also, the inner main display, which becomes 7.6 inches when opened, shows improvement with each series, and wrinkles appear in the center when opened, but it is not so worrisome when actually using it. The screen of Galaxy Z Fold 3 has a structure that covers the ultra-thin glass with resin and PET screen protector, and it seems that it is more resistant to dirt and dents than before.

Looking at the folded Galaxy Z Fold 3 from the bottom, you can see that the hinge part is a little thicker and there is a gap between the screens. Also, due to the convenience of folding vertically, the thickness of the folded Galaxy Z Fold 3 is about the size of two smartphones, and it has a considerable sense of size. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 weighs 273g, nearly 1.7 times heavier than the 164g iPhone 12.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is

equipped with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 888 in the SoC, has 12GB of RAM, and has excellent performance. Even if you open multiple windows at once, the operation did not become heavy. Also, when you open the screen and put it in tablet mode, the multitasking system allows you to place various apps on one screen, which is easy to use, The Verge said. Besides, it is suitable for various usages such as watching movies, playing games, reading e-books, etc.

The rear camera of Galaxy Z Fold3 is a wide-angle camera with 12 megapixels, F1.8, angle of view of 83 degrees, optical camera shake correction (OIS), 12 megapixels, F2.4, angle of view of 45 degrees, with OIS, optical zoom. A telescope camera with 2x and digital zoom up to 10x, and an ultra-wide-angle camera with 12 megapixels, F2.2, and an angle of view of 123 degrees. The in-camera on the cover side has 10 megapixels, F2.2, and an angle of view of 80 degrees, and the in-camera on the main side has 4 megapixels, F1.8, and an angle of view of 80 degrees.

On the Galaxy Z Fold3, the main in-camera is embedded under the main display, not the notch. As shown in the image below, there is a net-like part at the position where the in-camera is located at the top of the main display, so you can see the location even if the camera is not active. The Verge commented that if you shift your line of sight from the screen even a little, the mesh will be very noticeable due to the

moire effect, which will be distracting. Also, The Verge points out that the battery capacity is 4400mAh and it is not easy to use it for a whole day.

The Verge is particularly noteworthy on the Galaxy Z Fold3, which has IPX8- equivalent water resistance at a level that 'doesn't get flooded inside even if it's continuously submerged.' When I actually submerged the Galaxy Z Fold 3 in a vase or fountain filled with water, it worked without problems.

In addition, Galaxy Z Fold 3 is compatible with

Samsung's stylus S pen that can input like a pen tablet. Since there is no lag in the S pen input and there is almost no misalignment, it is possible to sketch and draw comfortably. However, if you use a genuine Samsung case that can fix the S pen, the stability on the table will decrease and it will wobble, so it seems that it will be difficult to spread it on the table and draw a picture.

Input with Samsung's virtual keyboard can be operated without problems with conventional swipe operation, but it is quite difficult, so when using a virtual keyboard, it is better to open the screen and switch to tablet mode The Verge Says.

Overall, The Verge states that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is as easy to use as a tablet and is excellent, and unless there are technological advances in glass flexibility and battery capacity, the Galaxy Z Fold is a great foldable smartphone. increase. On the other hand, it is a large size to carry with one hand, and although it is cheaper than the previous model of 2000 dollars (about 220,000 yen), it is very expensive at 1799 dollars (about 198,000 yen). Pointed out that is the bottleneck. The Verge also said, 'The Galaxy Z Fold 3 may not be worth the trade-off with a size that's hard to hold in one hand and a high price.'

Digital Trends, an IT news site, has the advantages of 'screen durability and IPX8 waterproofness,' 'strong hardware performance and functions,' 'reliable rear camera,' and 'ideal for multitasking and productivity.' The points are 'high price' and 'short battery life' as disadvantages.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 Review: The Best Foldable There Is | Digital Trends

Digital Trends is conducting a battery test of the benchmark application ' PCMark for Android Benchmark ' and reports that it took 9 hours and 20 minutes for the battery to drain from 100% to 20%. 9 hours and 20 minutes is almost the same as the daily painting work time, and even if the battery is 100% in the morning, it will need to be charged in the evening. Furthermore, when playing games and browsing, the decrease in the remaining battery power accelerated further.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 itself supports 25W high-speed wired charging and 11W high-speed wireless charging, so you can charge the battery immediately with it. However, charging stands and adapters that support fast charging are not included in the box, so if you want to perform fast charging, you need to purchase a separate stand or adapter.

Digital Trends rates the performance of the rear camera as being a bit more saturated, but all clear and with minimal noise, giving you a satisfying picture.

Digital Trends says that the in-camera on the cover side is 10 megapixels, the processing on the software side is accurate, and you can shoot beautiful selfies. On the other hand, the in-camera on the main side is 4 megapixels, so the image quality has deteriorated considerably, and it looks quite faded. Digital Trends also pointed out that the main in-camera looks like a mesh, which is very worrisome.

Below are the selfie photos that Digital Trends actually took with the main in-camera (left), the cover-side in-camera (center), and the 12-megapixel rear camera (right).

Digital Trends points out that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is the best foldable smartphone on the market and is significantly more durable than its predecessor, the Galaxy Z Fold 2. However, there is room for improvement in battery and camera performance, the price of $ 1800 is also quite bullish, and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is also evaluated as not perfect, 'a substitute for mobile phones, tablets and e-readers. And if you keep everything in mind and still find value and pay for it, it's probably worth the purchase, 'Commented Digital Trends.

TechRader, which handles gadget-related news, also rated the Galaxy Z Fold 3 almost the same as The Verge and Digital Torends, praising 'improved durability' and 'high productivity', while 'main side inn' Its drawbacks are camera performance, weight, and price.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 hands-on review: the best foldable yet? | TechRadar

TechRader notes that the good thing about the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is that it supports the S Pen.

TechRader commented, 'The screen size of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 makes sense to support S-pen, which was what users were craving for the previous two models.' The Galaxy Z Fold 3 has a larger writable area than the Galaxy Note, and because it can be closed in half and put in a pocket, it is more convenient than a conventional full-size tablet. However, the S pen is sold separately, and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 body does not have a mechanism to store the stylus like the Galaxy Note, and it is difficult to carry the S pen at the same time without using a genuine case, TechRader said. Stated.

XDA Developers, a developer community site, praises Samsung's unique multi-window capabilities, stating that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 'plays a central role in software, not hardware.'

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 Review --Unfolding the future of technology

XDA Developers has already refined its multitasking capabilities on its predecessor, the Galaxy Z Fold 2, and Android 11 is already compatible with foldable smartphones, making the Galaxy Z Fold 3 a better software experience than ever before. It's natural to do that. ' On top of that, he asserted that Samsung's unique multi-window function, which has been developed for 10 years in the Galaxy Note series, gives the Galaxy Z Fold 3 the ultimate multitasking experience.

Furthermore, with the support of the S pen by the Galaxy Z Fold 3, 'Galaxy Z Fold 3 may be a legitimate evolution of the Galaxy Note.' 'I have come across that the main display of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 can be operated with the S pen. It's one of the best mobile experiences of all, 'and we especially appreciate the Galaxy Z Fold 3's support for the S Pen. However, he said he was disappointed that the S Pen could only be used on the main display and not on the cover display.

There are two types of S pens compatible with Galaxy Z Fold 3, 'S Pen Pro' and 'S Pen Fold Edition'. According to XDA Developers, the S Pen Pro has a built-in battery and works on all Samsung devices, but the S Pen Fold Edition only works on the Galaxy Z Fold 3. It is said that the size of S Pen Fold Edition is shorter and easier to use, but with S Pen Pro it is possible to copy and paste between different devices.

Meanwhile, XDA Developers pointed out that the performance of the Galaxy Z Fold 3's camera is 'not surprising' and 'almost unchanged from its predecessor, the Galaxy Z Fold 2,'

reaching the Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy Note20 Ultra . I evaluated that it was not.

Overall, XDA Developers claims to be expensive, but definitely worth the price. However, if you were using the previous model Galaxy Z Fold 2, you should consider whether it is worth upgrading to the Galaxy Z Fold 3. A reviewer of XDA Developers who uses the Galaxy Z Fold 2 said, 'The Galaxy Z Fold 3, which has improved durability and can be used without hesitation even in the rain, is one step closer to the perfect mobile phone for me,' and it is worth replacing. I judge that there is.

British household goods news site T3 has been rated 4 stars on a 5-point scale as 'the most compelling foldable smartphone ever'.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G review | T3

'The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is certainly too expensive for most people, but it's about 20,000 yen cheaper than the previous model, and it's more valuable than the previous model,' said the T3. He said that the cost performance has improved even though the price is high.

In addition, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 has a fingerprint sensor installed on the power button, and the new corona is still raging, and in the present age when the mask can not be parted, it is evaluated that it makes more sense than security using face recognition. increase. Also, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 has a matte texture on the whole, and although there are slight fingerprints left, it does not bother me.

He also claimed that the T3 could be used with a battery capacity of 4400mAh. After maximizing the screen brightness and playing the locally saved movie continuously for 2 hours, the battery level was reduced by 10%. From here, the T3 reports that the battery will last for about 20 hours, even if you're using it. However, the image quality of the movie played by T3 and the application used for playback are unknown.

The T3 says, 'Although there are some drawbacks, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is the best model for a foldable smartphone. The main display further enhances the immersiveness of the game, making it ideal for long-term video streaming. Also, the battery The long duration of the is also a plus point. '

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