I tried 'Eating Ranch Momo' where you can enjoy rich mellow milk ice cream and flavorful peach gelato with juice and pulp.

'Akagi Eating Ranch Momo' has appeared in FamilyMart's popular original ice cream 'Eating Ranch' series from August 24, 2021 (Tuesday). It is said that the ice cream is a combination of milk ice cream containing 56% Hokkaido milk and thigh gelato using thigh pulp and white peach puree, so let's eat it and see what it tastes like. I did.

Akagi Eating Ranch Momo | Product Information | FamilyMart


Arrived at FamilyMart.

I bought a ranch peach to eat and took it home.

There are three types of designs on the lid of the ranch that you can eat.

The lid said 'with peach pulp'.

The height of the cup is about 9 cm.

The raw material name was divided into the milk ice part and the gelato part. The raw materials for milk ice cream in the upper row are milk (domestic production), dairy products, sugar, water candy, etc., and the thigh gelato in the lower row is sugar (domestic production), thigh juice, thigh pulp sauce, water candy, thigh puree, etc. Is used.

The ratio of peach juice to pulp is 25%, and the calorie per piece (165 ml) is 164 kcal.

Looking at the cup from the side, the upper milk ice part and the lower thigh gelato part were divided into two layers, and the ratio was about half.

When you open the lid, it looks like this.

When you try milk ice cream that contains 56% of Hokkaido milk, you can feel the mellow sweetness and richness of rich milk, and the taste is satisfying as milk ice cream alone.

When you eat milk ice cream and gelato together, you can feel the mellow sweetness of milk ice cream along with the aroma and fresh flavor of thighs, and the overall taste is refreshing. The peach gelato is also mixed with flesh, and you can enjoy the texture of the flesh along with the ice cream.

When I ate the peach gelato alone, the flavor and sweetness of the peach spread throughout my mouth, and the juiciness was even stronger.

'Akagi Eating Ranch Momo' has been available in limited quantities since August 24, 2021 (Tuesday), and can be purchased at FamilyMart stores nationwide except for some stores. The regular price is 228 yen including tax (tax rate 8%).

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