Distribution of redesigned version of PlayStation 5 begins

The PlayStation 5, which appeared in November 2020, continues to sell at the fastest pace in the history of game consoles, and is still in short supply at the time of writing the article. It is reported that the distribution of such a redesigned version of PlayStation 5 has started in the United States and Australia.

A New PS5 Model Has Appeared In Australian Stores

Sony's new PS5 model is lighter and doesn't need a screwdriver --The Verge

Type name of the PlayStation 5, which released had been distributed at the beginning of 2020 in November, usually version is 'CFI-1000A', the digital edition was 'CFI-1000B'. However, made in 2021 in late July, 'CFI-1100B01' that the model number of the digital edition that appeared, by a corresponding, such as a conventional 'CFI-1000B' and Nojima online and GEO, which divided the sales page found ..

After that, the safety guide for CFI-1100B appeared on the official website.

At the time of writing the article, the PlayStation 5

instruction manual distribution page has a safety guide and quick start guide for the new names ' CFI-1100A ' and ' CFI-1100B' in addition to 'CFI-1000A' and 'CFI-1000B'. It has been.

This time, the model number 'CFI-1102A ' was confirmed in the United States and Australia. Press Start, an Australian game news site, has released a photo of the model number of the outer box of 'CFI-1102A'.

Press Start also shows in the photo that the screws for fixing the pedestal of 'CFI-1102A' are different from those of 'CFI-1000A'.

According to @ bdp2007, who obtained the 'CFI-1102A' in the United States, not only the screws but also the design of the pedestal had been changed.

In the first place, the normal version model should only be the early 'CFI-1000A', but today, before noon on August 24, 2021 (Tuesday), the PS5 official website was updated and the handling instruction document of 'CFI-1100A' is Appearance. As Press Start reported, the screw illustrations in the instructions have changed.

Just as the 'CFI-1100B', which has a different model number for the digital edition, was 300g lighter than the 'CFI-1000B', the 'CFI-1100A' is also 300g lighter than the 'CFI-1000A'.

It is unknown whether CFI-1100A will be distributed in Japan and when it will be distributed.

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