I tried to confirm how different the performance of Google genuine smartphone 'Pixel 5a' is from 'Pixel 5' by benchmark test

The 'Pixel 5a (5G) ' announced on August 18, 2021 has 6GB of memory (RAM), 128GB of storage (ROM),

Snapdragon 765G of SoC, and the basic specifications are the upper model 'Pixel' Perfectly equivalent to '5'. Furthermore, it is said that it boasts IP67, which is completely dustproof and waterproof enough to withstand submersion for 30 minutes, so I actually verified the questions 'Is it really the same spec as Pixel 5?' 'Is it really waterproof?' rice field.

Google Pixel 5a (5G)-Google Store

This time, we tested using the Android version of the benchmark software ' PassMark PerformanceTest'. The result is as follows, the image on the left is 'Pixel 5a (5G)' and the image on the right is 'Pixel 5'.

The details of the CPU test result look like this. Integer arithmetic is 26413MOps / Sec for 'Pixel 5a (5G)' and 23662MOps / Sec for 'Pixel 5'. Floating point numbers are 7018MOps / Sec for 'Pixel 5a (5G)' and 7071MOps / sec for 'Pixel 5'. In addition, the single thread score was 1604 MOps / Sec for 'Pixel 5a (5G)' and 1617 MOps / Sec for 'Pixel 5'. It seems that 'Pixel 5a (5G)' is rather superior in integer arithmetic.

Next, the details of the memory test results. The available RAM is 1286MB for 'Pixel 5a (5G)' and 3229MB for 'Pixel 5'.

The following are the results of the disc test. The internal storage read speed is almost the same, and the write speed is 203 MBytes / Sec for 'Pixel 5a (5G)' and 351 MBytes / Sec for 'Pixel 5'.

The last is the result details of 2D graphics and 3D graphics. The total score is 30957 vs. 20141 and Pixel 5a (5G) is overwhelming, but it seems that there is a big difference mainly in the calculation of complex vector of 2D graphics, the score here is 376 Complex Vectors / of Pixel 5a (5G) Sec, 'Pixel 5' is 134 Complex Vectors / Sec. Other scores are not so different.

I also measured the heat of the main body during the benchmark test. The image on the left is 'Pixel 5a (5G)', and the image on the right is 'Pixel 5'. The temperature at the start of measurement is 24.1 degrees at the top, 25.1 degrees at the middle, and 25.7 degrees at the bottom of the 'Pixel 5a (5G)', and 27.1 degrees at the top and 27.3 degrees at the middle and bottom of the 'Pixel 5'.

At first, the temperature gradually rises, and when the memory test is started, it rises clearly.

In the end, the 'Pixel 5a (5G)' rose about 2 degrees and the 'Pixel 5' rose about 1.5 degrees.

Next, I touched on the waterproof performance of 'Pixel 5a (5G)'. The 'Pixel 5a (5G)' is the first low-priced series in the Pixel series

to have waterproof and dustproof performance. It boasts IP67 completely dustproof and waterproof performance that can withstand submersion for 30 minutes.

You can see how the 'Pixel 5a (5G)' is submerged in the shower in the video below. I couldn't keep the operation because of water droplets while the shower was hitting, but it seems to work even if it is completely submerged.

I tested the waterproof function of Google genuine smartphone 'Pixel 5a (5G)' --YouTube

When it was soaked in water, it was detected that water droplets had entered the USB Type-C port on the bottom of the main unit, or a notification 'USB port was automatically disabled' was displayed on the status bar. Tap to check the details ...

'USB port disabled' is displayed. For safety reasons, accessories are temporarily stopped being detected. If you tap 'Details' here to check ...

You have visited the Google

support page .

When I tapped 'Enable USB', the message 'USB port is enabled and can now detect chargers and accessories' is displayed at the bottom of the screen. However, it is dangerous to energize the USB port when it is wet, so you should wait until it dries before connecting the charger.

According to Google's official guidance, 'waterproof and dustproof performance does not last forever and may be reduced by wear, repair, disassembly, damage due to normal use of smartphone', as much as possible. Please note that it is advised not to get wet and that any damage caused by getting wet is not covered by the warranty.

Prevent your Pixel smartphone from getting wet-Pixel Phone Help

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