It is reported that Android apps obtained from other than the official store can also be executed on Windows 11

We know that the next major version of Windows, Windows 11 , will be able to run Android apps downloaded from the Amazon App Store natively. It was unclear from the official announcement alone whether the so-called 'stray app' obtained from other than the official store would work, but a Microsoft engineer told me that 'the stray app also works'.

Windows 11 will be able to sideload Android apps --The Verge

With the announcement of Windows 11, Microsoft revealed that Windows 11 can run Android apps from the Amazon Appstore integrated in the Microsoft Store, but apps that rely on Google Play services such as Google Maps and Gmail, and Amazon It is reported that you cannot run an app that does not exist in the App Store. This has led to complaints from users seeking apps that aren't on the Amazon App Store.

However, Microsoft engineer Miguel de Icaza responded that he could execute an APK file obtained from other than the Amazon App Store by answering the user's question on Twitter.

However, it is unclear whether it is possible to scan an external APK file to detect potentially malicious behavior, and what process the APK file runs in. There is also the problem that paid apps may be illegally obtained. Microsoft responded to the question of overseas media, The Verge, 'I will share more information at a later date.'

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