Google announces a program that halves fees for developers who integrate Android apps with Wear OS / Android Auto

In order to promote Wear OS , an OS for smart watches, and Android Auto , a car navigation app, a developer program that reduces the app store fee from 30% to 15% when Google newly integrates Android apps and Wear OS, etc. 'Play Media Experience Program ' has started.

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Both Google Play on Android and the App Store on iOS set a sales commission of 30%, and developers have said that this commission is 'too high.' In response to these voices, Google announced in March 2021 a strategy of 'imposing a 15% commission on the portion of annual revenue less than $ 1 million (about 110 million yen)'. ..

Google announces that it will cut Play Store fees in half, unlike Apple, there will be no increase even if revenue increases-GIGAZINE

by Yuri Samoilov

The above strategies were primarily targeted at apps with sales of less than $ 1 million, which account for 99% of the app store. On the other hand, the newly announced 'Play Media Experience Program' mainly targets popular apps with sales exceeding $ 1 million, and the qualification requirement is 'There are more than 100,000 app installations on Google Play every month. , Etc. are stipulated. The specific qualification requirements are as follows.

・ Mainly provides paid video, audio, or book content
・ 'There are more than 100,000 app installs on Google Play every month.
・ Provides a high-quality user experience and is highly evaluated by Google Play
・ Developer account is in good condition
・ Integrates specific Google platforms and APIs depending on the type of media content

In addition, separate requirements will be added for each category such as 'Video App', 'Audio App', and 'Book App'.

◆ Video app
Content: Providing video programs mainly for the living room, such as movies, TV programs, sports broadcasts, and news broadcasts.
Required integration features: Cross-device playback and sign-in integration with Android TV, Google TV and Cast platforms.
User Benefits: Smart recommendations for easy content discovery, easier sign-up and sign-in, and enhanced discovery.

◆ Audio app
Content: Providing flat-rate premium music and audio content.
Platform integration: WearOS, Android Auto, AndroidTV, and Google Cast platform integration.
User Benefits: Content discovery and continuous viewing across devices.

◆ Book app
Content: Offering premium books, audiobooks and comics.
Platform integration: Optimized for tablets and foldable smartphones, Entertainment Space . Wear OS and Android Auto integration for audiobook apps.
User Benefits: Improved reading experience, improved content discovery and re-engagement in Entertainment Space.

App developers who meet the above requirements can apply for a fee reduction from the following forums.

Play Media Experience Program

After passing the application, not only will the fee be reduced, but you will also receive the benefit of 'improved discovery and engagement'.

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