Super sour chocolate that tears ooze and mint chocolate with a tremendous exhilaration appeared from Yuraku Confectionery of Black Thunder, so I tried it

From Yuraku Confectionery of Black Thunder, ' Refreshing cacao ' and ' Shocking lemon ' with the theme of 'shaking the brain' will appear on June 15, 2021 (Tuesday). I tried to eat the 'exhilarating cacao' that crushed the mint tablet and combined it with the high cacao chocolate, and the lemon chocolate 'shocking lemon' that was particular about the sourness that awakens drowsiness. ..

Exhilarating cacao / shocking lemon Pre-sale at FamilyMart stores (*) nationwide from June 15th (Tuesday)! | News | Yuraku Confectionery

The refreshing cacao and shocking lemon package looks like this. First of all, I will eat from the shocking lemon.

The raw material names are lined up with quasi-chocolate and lemon granules, and lemon powder is contained in both quasi-chocolate and lemon granules.

Calories are 169kcal per 30g bag.

The package has a zipper, so you can eat it little by little. When I opened it, there were 9 chocolates in all.

The size is 1.5 cm square,

even smaller than the bite-sized Black Thunder , and you can pinch it with your fingertips.

When I cut it, I could see white granules inside.

So when I put it in my mouth, it was sour that saliva came out the moment I chewed it. The finish is not 'lemon-flavored chocolate' but 'citric acid tablet coated with chocolate'. Because it is larger than a tablet, it is strongly stimulated by citric acid, and as the crispy granules melt, tears ooze and the eyes become moisturized. The image of chocolate is 'when you want to relax' and 'when you want to take a break', but this is certainly the true taste of the sign that says 'you can feel crispy'. However, it has a faint lemon scent and the texture of chocolate that melts, so it is also satisfying as chocolate.

I will also try the refreshing cacao.

Ingredient names include quasi-chocolate, mint tablets, and caffeine. The refreshing cacao does not contain mint in the chocolate itself, and it seems that the mint is concentrated on the tablet.

Calories are 167 kcal per 30 g bag.

This is also a bag of 9 pieces ...

It is about the size of a fingertip.

When I cut it, I could see the grains of the tablet larger than the shocking lemon.

The exhilaration of mint that goes through your nose at the moment you bite is tremendous, and it is a mint feeling that must satisfy

the Chocomin party. The presence of mint is so great that it can be called 'chocolate coating of mint tablets' rather than mint chocolate, but the sweetness and bitterness of 72% cacao chocolate matched perfectly. It's a refreshing feeling for chocolate, so it's recommended when you want to refresh yourself or when you say 'I like chocolate, but I don't feel like eating sweets today ...'.

So, when I actually ate it, the shocking lemon was sour, even if I heard it before eating, the sourness exceeded my expectations, and the mint chocolate also said, 'Is it really okay to call myself chocolate?' It was a refreshing feeling, and all of them were completely shaken off. It seems to be a unique chocolate product.

The refreshing cacao and shocking lemon are both 162 yen including tax, and will be sold in advance at FamilyMart nationwide from June 15th (Tuesday).

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