As a result of strengthening the crunchy texture of Black Thunder, 'Black Thunder Hitokuchi Size Strong' tasting review with a 'gritty' texture

'Black Thunder Hitokuchi Size Strong ', which is the most chewy and strong texture in the history of the 'Black Thunder' series, has been released on April 12, 2021. I actually tried a product that further strengthened the 'crispy texture' that is the point of Black Thunder.

Black Thunder Hitokuchi Size Strong New release only at convenience stores nationwide from April 12 (Monday)! | News | Yuraku Confectionery

'Black Thunder Hitokuchi Size Strong' is not a stick-shaped type, but a type that contains multiple bite-sized dice-shaped chocolates in one bag.

Calories are 267 kcal per bag ...

Ingredient names include chocolate, cocoa cookies, waffle crunches, almond pralines, almonds, and gabardine powder.

When I opened it, there were 8 in one bag.

Comparing 'Black Thunder Hitokuchi Size Strong' (left) and the regular version of Black Thunder (right), it looks like this. The size is about 3 'Black Thunder Hitokuchi Size Strong', which is about 1 regular version of Black Thunder. The chocolate color of the coating is slightly lighter in the regular version.

When I cut it, the cross section was also quite different. In 'Black Thunder Hitokuchi Size Strong', you can see waffle crunch, almonds, and candy-like things.

When I tried it, I felt that the regular version of Black Thunder I ate for comparison was 'moist', with a strong crunchy feeling. Every time you chew, you will hear a 'gritty' and 'gritty' sound that goes beyond 'crisp'. The texture of praline was similar to that of candy, and I even felt that it stuck to my teeth a little after eating.

FamilyMart's limited 'Block Thunder also had a firm texture,' which appeared on March 30, 2021, has a different crunchy texture due to the candy element.

The 'Black Thunder Hitokuchi Size Strong' is 129 yen including tax and will be released today on April 12, 2021.

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