Apple demands that '30% of sales' be paid to an emerging subscription-type SNS that takes only 10% of sales as a commission, and the SNS side strongly opposes 'Kutabare Apple'

Apple has requested ' 30% of sales ' for the iOS version of Fanhouse, an emerging subscription- type SNS that has a low commission of 'taking only 10% of sales as a commission'. The company strongly opposes 'Kutabare Apple' because if you drink this request, you will have to pay Apple 30% of the sales while receiving 10% of the sales as a commission, or you will have to raise the commission.

Apple wants 30% of creator-app Fanhouse's earnings. It's pushing back.

The creator economy is running into the Apple Tax — this startup is fighting back --The Verge

Fanhouse, which started its service in 2020, is an SNS that allows fans to browse content provided by creators for a fee. Creators can earn income directly from fans, and fans can browse special content and send messages directly to creators to interact with each other. There is. ' Similar SNS has OnlyFans etc. in advance, but OnlyFans takes 20% of sales as a commission, while Fanhouse takes only '10% of sales', and there are many points paid to creators. The biggest feature.


As mentioned earlier, Fanhouse receives '10% of sales', but it's been talked about that Apple has requested '30% of sales' from Fanhouse's iOS app. Fanhouse responded by negotiating with Apple that 'we receive 10% of sales, so it's reasonable to pay 30% of this'10% of sales''. We are obliged to pay 30% of the digital transactions that occur on the app in accordance with the terms of the App Store. ' The company is facing a situation where it has no choice but to continue operating in the red, 'receive 10% of sales and pay 30%,' or to revise the percentage of commissions that are the company's selling point.

In response to this situation, co-founder Jasmine Rice, who also works as a creator, insists that 'many creators use Fanhouse as their own livelihood,' and Apple makes a lot of money every year. Despite this, Apple's request is described as 'theft and exploitation' because the creators are greedily trying to raise fees. I said '#fuckapple'.

The Fanhouse official also quoted Mr. Rice and tweeted '#fuckapple'. In this tweet, I promise that I will do my best to protect the profits of creators.

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