'People with allergies to shellfish should not eat cicadas,' the US Food and Drug Administration warns

Insect food is attracting attention as a new source of protein in the midst of global food shortages. Government agencies warn that cicadas, which have long been popular in China and Southeast Asia as one of such insect foods, should not be eaten by people with allergies to shellfish.

You probably shouldn't eat cicadas if you're allergic to shellfish --The Verge

The 'periodical cicadas' that occur in large numbers once every 17 years in the United States have been occurring in large numbers since mid-May 2021, and it was predicted that billions to trillions of animals would occur. The periodical cicadas that occur in large numbers in 2021 are called 'Brood X', and their habitats and characteristics are summarized in the following articles.

The emergence of the periodical cicada 'Brude X', which covers the ground in groups of trillions of animals, begins --GIGAZINE

Some are frightened by the outbreak of Brude X, while others are looking forward to eating it . However, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which has jurisdiction over food and drug safety regulations in the United States , said on Twitter, 'If you are allergic to seafood, do not eat cicadas. Cicadas are shrimp and lobster. I have a relative relationship. '

According to the FDA, people with allergies to shellfish may develop an allergic reaction when eating certain insects. Shrimp and lobsters that cause allergies to shellfish are classified as arthropods, just like cicadas. Since the body of cicadas contains the same type of protein as shrimp and lobster, this causes an allergic reaction in the body. In addition, chitin , the main component of the exoskeleton, can irritate the intestines even if you do not have allergies, the foreign media The Verge points out.

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