A service that allows you to reserve the canceled portion of the new corona vaccine on your smartphone has started trial operation in South Korea

The new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) has recorded a total of 170 million people infected and 3.5 million deaths worldwide, but the Pfizer vaccine '

BNT162b2 ' and the Moderna vaccine 'mRNA-1273 ' With the advent of the AstraZeneca vaccine ' AZD1222 ', new infections are being suppressed among vaccinated people. In order to meet such high demand for vaccination, a trial operation of a service that allows instant reservation of cancellations of the new coronavirus vaccine on a smartphone has started in South Korea.

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You can check the commentary reported by Arirang TV (Arirang TV) in South Korea about the newly started new coronavirus vaccine cancellation service from the movie.

People in S. Korea can sign up for leftover AstraZeneca vaccines starting Thursday --YouTube

On May 27, 2021, vaccination of high-priority elderly people (65-74 years old) started in South Korea. On the same day, the 'Vaccine Cancellation Security Service' for people over the age of 30 started.

AstraZeneca vaccines, which are being inoculated in South Korea, have an expiration date of 'within 6 hours after opening', and the uninoculated portion must be discarded. Therefore, the 'cancellation' vaccine that occurs as a result of the reservation person canceling the vaccination schedule due to urgent need or poor physical condition has become a problem.

As a vaccine measure for this cancellation, the Korea Disease Prevention and Management Agency (KDCA) has started a cancellation service. It is a service that allows you to search for canceled items on Korea's largest web portal 'NAVER' and mobile messenger largest 'KakaoTalk' and inoculate before the expiration date of the vaccine.

Users can register up to 5 vaccination centers and be notified when cancellations occur at the registered vaccination centers.

You can also book vaccinations directly from this notification. Not only Korean citizens but also foreigners residing in Korea can make reservations and inoculate. The trial operation that started this time has been carried out for about two weeks, and the official service start date and time is June 9, 2021.

According to media reports, vaccinations for the elderly have just started, and those who applied immediately after the start are very motivated to get vaccinated, and the problem is that 'no cancellations will occur in the first place.'

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