Nintendo wins game pirated distribution site and wins over 200 million yen in damages

Nintendo finally filed a lawsuit against a pirated site that illegally distributes games, and the company won $ 2.1 million in damages and site closure. ..

Nintendo Wins $ 2.1 Million Judgment Against Pirate Site Operator --TorrentFreak

Nintendo Sues ROM Site Into Oblivion

Nintendo continues its efforts to eradicate pirated games by filing a lawsuit against a pirated distribution site that illegally distributes game ROM data.

Nintendo sues a famous site that distributes pirated games, the amount of damages is hundreds of millions of yen-GIGAZINE

by Franck V.

Nintendo sued the owner and operator of the pirated distribution site 'Rom Universe' in 2019. Summary judgment of this case was issued in May 2021 and ordered the site to pay a total of $ 2.115,000 in damages and close the site. RomUniverse has been in operation for over 10 years and has distributed thousands of pirated ROMs hundreds of thousands of times.

Nintendo initially sought $ 90,000 in damages for each of the 49 titles found on RomUniverse, but judges said RomUniverse was already closed and the operator was unemployed. As a result, the damages paid for one title was $ 35,000 (about 3.8 million yen). Separately, Nintendo is asking 29 titles to pay $ 400,000 in compensation for trademark infringement, and the court has ordered the operator to pay this.

Rom Universe not only illegally distributed Nintendo game ROMs, but also pirated movies and books.

Importantly, the operator not only hosted a pirated version of the Nintendo game, but also sold premium access for $ 30 to allow users to quickly access ROM data. It is estimated that in the last year of RomUniverse's operation, premium access rights earned between $ 30,000 and $ 36,000.

RomUniverse has been closed and there is no risk of further trademark infringement in the future, so no 'permanent injunction' was issued.

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