'USB Type-C Revision 2.1' can supply 240W, which is more than double the current power, and there is a possibility that PCs and monitors can be used via USB.

On May 25, 2021, the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF), a non-profit organization that develops specifications for the USB standard, announced 'Revision 2.1' that summarizes the new specifications for USB Type-C. With this major revision for the first time in two years, the power that can be supplied by USB Type-C will increase significantly from the current 100W to 240W, so it will be possible to use high-performance PCs, large screen monitors, printers, etc. with USB. Is expected to be.

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USB-C will soon be able to charge at 240W, more than 2x its current limit

According to the news site Android Central, which featured the announcement of USB-IF, 'USB Type-C Revision 2.1' has revised the USB Power Delivery (USB PD), which is a quick charging standard, and newly 'Extended' to support 240W of power. 'Power Range (EPR)' will be introduced. Since the maximum power that can be handled by USB PD is 100W, this revision will more than double the power that can be supplied by USB.

With the ability of USB to supply as much as 240W of power, high-performance devices and large-screen monitors can also be operated by USB. For example, it is 17 inches gaming notebook PC of HP ' Omen ' and, Dell 32-inch 4K monitor ' UltraSharp maximum power consumption of' is 230W.

With the introduction of the EPR, the current cable called the 'Standard Power Range (SPR)' will be abolished and replaced with a cable marked as EPR compliant at a glance.

The IT news site, The Next Web, said, 'If you're thinking about buying a high-powered USB Type-C cable, you should wait until a new EPR-enabled USB cable comes out in late 2021 or early 2022. Maybe, and this announcement is also good news for those who have dreamed of being able to use different devices with a single power supply. With the advent of USB Type-C, smartphone charging devices and notebook PCs There was a benefit of being able to charge it. Perhaps around 2030, electric cars may also be able to be charged via USB. '

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