The cumulative number of visitors to the movie version of '<span translate="no">Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba</span>' has reached over 40 million worldwide, and box office revenue exceeds 40 billion yen in Japan alone.

The cumulative number of visitors to the movie version of 'Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba' infinite train, which was released on October 16, 2020 (Friday), has reached about 41.35 million after being released in 45 countries and regions. I understand. The total box office revenue is about 51.7 billion yen, of which over 40 billion yen comes from Japan.

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'Theatrical version' Devil's Blade 'Infinite Train Edition' Report of a record of 41.35 million visitors worldwide and 51.7 billion yen in total box office revenue | Aniplex Co., Ltd. press release

This was announced by Aniplex, which is in charge of distribution. Japan, which was first released, attracted the most spectators, with a cumulative total of 28,966,806 people and box office revenue of 40,016,942,050 yen. The transition of mobilization and box office on the weekend until the 10th week of publication was as follows.

・ First week weekend
October 16 (Friday): Audience mobilization 910,507 people / box office revenue 1,268,724,700 yen
October 17 (Sat): Audience mobilization 1,272,234 people / box office revenue 1,717,223,350 yen
October 18 (Sun): Audience mobilization 1,329,752 people / box office revenue 1,652,669,400 yen

・ Weekend of the second week
October 24 (Sat): Audience mobilization 1,115,182 people / box office revenue 1,594,600 yen
October 25 (Sun): Audience mobilization 1,157,654 people / box office revenue 1,540,504,150 yen

・ Third week weekend
October 31st (Sat): Audience mobilization 878,983 people / box office revenue 1,212,321,550 yen
November 1st (Sun): Audience mobilization 1,143,390 people / box office revenue 1,286,354,600 yen

・ Weekend of the 4th week
November 7th (Sat): Audience mobilization 628,614 people / box office revenue 863,827,750 yen
November 8 (Sun): Audience mobilization 667,179 people / box office revenue 99,098,150 yen

・ Weekend of the 5th week
November 14th (Sat): Audience mobilization 611,418 people / box office revenue 795,343,500 yen
November 15 (Sun): Audience mobilization 535,986 people / box office revenue 726,313,550 yen

・ Weekend of the 6th week
November 21 (Sat): Audience mobilization 314,726 people / box office revenue 439,606,550 yen
November 22 (Sun): Audience mobilization 433,315 people / box office revenue 592,378,550 yen
November 23 (holiday / Monday): Audience mobilization: 357,741 people / box office revenue 460,110,250 yen

・ 7th week weekend
November 28 (Sat): Audience mobilization 390,2017 people / box office revenue 556,443,300 yen
November 29 (Sun): Audience mobilization 323,31 people / box office revenue 448,060,450 yen

・ 8th week weekend
December 5 (Sat): Audience mobilization 225,976 people / box office revenue 319,013,550 yen
December 6 (Sun): Audience mobilization 239,874 people / box office revenue 336,505,700 yen

・ Weekend of the 9th week
December 12 (Sat): Audience mobilization 407,286 people / box office revenue 588,408,200 yen
December 13 (Sun): Audience mobilization 248,024 people / box office revenue 351 million yen

・ Weekend of the 10th week
December 19 (Sat): Audience mobilization 133,068 people / box office revenue 187,788,050 yen
December 20 (Sun): Audience mobilization 148,780 people / box office revenue 226,227,400 yen

As of the 10th week, the total number of spectators was 23,175,884 and the box office revenue was 31,166,477,900 yen, so about 6 million people visited in the next five months.

In addition, Taiwan / Hong Kong / Macau from October 30, 2020, Southeast Asia from November 12, 2020, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Central and South America, Europe, the United States, Canada, the Middle East, and Africa in 2021. It was released in various places, and the cumulative number of visitors worldwide was about 41.35 million, and the total box office revenue was about 51.7 billion yen.

The details are as follows.

Country / Region Release date (fastest in the area) Number of mobilization performance income
Japan 2020/10/16 About 28.96 million people About 40 billion yen
Taiwan / Hong Kong / Macau 2020/10/30 About 3.35 million people Approximately 2.91 billion yen
Southeast Asia 2020/11/12 About 1.54 million people Approximately 770 million yen
Korea 2021/1/27 About 2 million people Approximately 1.86 billion yen
Australia / New Zealand 2021/3/18 About 370,000 people Approximately 420 million yen
Latin America 2021/4/22 About 970,000 people About 400 million yen
Europe 2021/4/22 About 520,000 people About 350 million yen
USA / Canada 2021/4/23 About 3.53 million people Approximately 4.82 billion yen
Middle East / Africa 2021/5/12 About 110,000 people About 170 million yen

It is scheduled to be released in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Turkey, etc. in the future.

The movie version of 'Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba' infinite train is still being released, and Blu-ray and DVD will be released on June 16, 2021 (Wednesday).

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