The box office revenue for the first three days of the movie version 'Demon Slayer' Infinite Train Edition is 4.6 billion yen

It turned out that the movie version of 'Demon Slayer' infinite train edition , which has been released from October 16, 2020 (Friday), mobilized more than 3.4 million people in the three days of the first weekend. The box office revenue is over 4.6 billion yen.

Movie version 'Demon Slayer' Infinite Train Edition First day 3 days box office record report / thanks | Movie version 'Demon Slayer' Infinite Train Edition Official Website

According to official information, the number of public halls is 403, of which IMAX is 38.

The results for each of the three days are as follows.

October 16 (Friday): Audience mobilization 910,507 people / box office revenue 1,268,724,700 yen
October 17 (Sat): Audience mobilization 1,272,234 people / box office revenue 1,717,223,350 yen
October 18 (Sun): Audience mobilization 1,239,752 people / box office revenue 1,652,669,400 yen
Total: Audience mobilization 3,424,93 people / box office revenue 4,623,117,450 yen

The results on October 16th (Friday) are the highest in the weekday record of the box office revenue and the number of mobilization of movies released in Japan. In addition, the results on October 17th (Sat) and 18th (Sun) are also the highest in the history of box office revenue and mobilization number of movies released in Japan on Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

In addition, in a web questionnaire asking about satisfaction, 84.6% answered 'very good' and 13.8% answered 'good', totaling 98.4%, showing very high satisfaction.

Movie version 'Demon Slayer' Infinite Train Edition This notice will be released on October 16, 2020 (Friday) --YouTube

By the way, 'Spirited Away' was released 6 days after its release, with 2,266,662 spectators and box office revenue of 2,889.31 million yen.

'Spirited Away' Japan's new record blockbuster

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