Parents who have named their daughter 'named after an internet company' for free internet for 18 years

Swiss parents give their newborn daughter a chance to apply for a campaign run by an emerging

internet service provider (ISP) that says, 'If you name your child our name, we'll give you free internet for 18 years.' It is reported that it was actually named after the ISP.

Baby names: Parents call girl Twifia to get free internet for 18 years --Kidspot

The name is the first gift a child receives from his parents and is an important thing to use for the rest of his life. For that reason, many parents squeeze their wisdom to give their children a good name, but some parents give them strange names called ' glitter names .' These names will also affect children's future, and in 2009, studies showed that 'strangely named children are more likely to commit crimes.'

Statistics show that strangely named children are more likely to commit crimes-GIGAZINE

Swiss ISP Twifi is running an internet service campaign on the condition that 'give your child a name after Twifi's company name.' On the official website, we named the baby Twifius for boys and Twifia for girls, and announced that anyone who uploaded a birth certificate to show that would be provided with free internet for 18 years.

The applicants for this were a couple of 30 and 35 years old living in Switzerland. Twifi reviews the birth certificate uploaded by his parents and confirms it is genuine. As per the campaign, we have decided to provide the internet for 18 years.

The child was a girl, so her parents named her daughter 'Twifia.' In addition to the family name (last name), Twifia has one first name (first name) and two middle names , and 'Twifia' is the second name among the two middle names.

Parents, who were interviewed by the local media on condition of anonymity, said, 'I would like to save the money I should spend on the Internet in my daughter's account. And I got a car license when I was 18 years old. I would be grateful if you could buy a car or buy a car. '

Twifia's father, who decided on his daughter's name, said, 'The more I thought about it, the more unique it seemed to me, and I felt it was a good name.' 'This child is also his child, and the name Twifia will be our eternal bond through this event,' said the mother, who finally agreed.

Twifia's parents don't regret naming her daughter after her ISP, saying, 'There are plenty of other terrible names.' On the other hand, he admitted that it was an 'embarrassing decision' and said, 'I have no intention of justifying ourselves. I can see that I have been severely criticized for'selling my daughter's name', so people around me I'll keep it a secret. '

Philippe Fotsch, founder and CEO of Twifi, promises his parents that even if Twifi goes bankrupt, he will continue to pay Twifia's parents' internet charges 'in honor'.

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