Indian government requests SNS to delete all content related to the new corona 'Indian stock'

It was found that the Government of India had recommended on May 21, 2021 that all social media should remove content that mentions the 'Indian variant of the new coronavirus'. WHO opposes the inclusion of the name of the first discovered area in the name of the virus or its variants.

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India asks social media firms to remove reference to'Indian variant' of coronavirus | Reuters

In a document released on May 21, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of India stated that 'Indian strains of the new coronavirus are prevalent worldwide' is being disseminated on the Internet. It turns out, but this is a complete mistake. There is no mention in any WHO report that links the word 'Indian strain' to the variant strain B.1.617. ' We requested that all content that mentions or hints at the 'Indian strain' of the new coronavirus be removed immediately.

Reuters was unable to get official comments from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, but a source from the Indian government said, 'In this notice, the word'Indian stock'spreads misunderstandings and damages the image of the country. It was sent to clarify the message. '

In vitro experiments have shown that the new coronavirus mutant strain B.1.617 may be more infectious and pathogenic than conventional strains. In addition, the number of detection reports is increasing in India, where it was first discovered, and it is also reported that it is being replaced by the mutant strain 'B.1.1.7 (N501Y)' in the United Kingdom.

WHO is calling on viruses and their variants not to be identified by the name of the country in which they were first discovered.

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