I tried the benchmark test and center frame function of the 3rd generation 11 inch 'iPad Pro'

The new 'iPad Pro' equipped with the SoC 'M1 ' chip originally developed by Apple for Mac was released on May 21, 2021. I got an 11-inch model right away, so I tried using it to see what the new iPad Pro looks like.

iPad Pro-Apple (Japan)

It is a 3rd generation 11-inch 'iPad Pro' that is turned on.

It looks like this when you hold it in your hand. The size is 247.6 mm in length × 178.5 mm in width × 5.9 mm in thickness, and weighs 466 g.

I immediately did a benchmark test using

'Geekbench 5'.

The measurement result looks like this. The result was a single score of 1699 and a multi-core score of 7236.

Compared with the previous model, the 2nd generation 11-inch iPad Pro , it is as follows. The 2nd generation model has a single core of '1125' and a multi-core of '4672', while the 3rd generation model has a single core of '1699' and a multi-core of '7236'. The score has increased about 1.5 times for both single-core and multi-core. Since the 3rd generation 11-inch iPad Pro has just been released, the notation name is 'iPad 13, 4' on Geekbench 5.

The single-core benchmarks assuming various processes are as follows.

The multi-core benchmarks assuming various processes are as follows.

In addition, I will try using the 'center frame' added as a new function. The center frame uses machine learning and a super wide-angle camera on the front to automatically track the subject and adjust its position so that it does not deviate from the center of the frame. The following video was actually tried with Apple's calling application 'FaceTime'.

I tried the new function 'Center Frame' installed in the iPad Pro released in 2021 --YouTube

The center frame is on by default, but you can turn it off. First, open 'Settings' ...

Tap 'FaceTime' and uncheck 'Center Frame'.

Centerframe is only compatible with FaceTime at the time of article creation, but since the centerframe API will be released to developers, it may be available in other video apps as well.

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