Headline News on April 28, 2021

Original and director of the cult-like popular drama 'NIGHT HEAD' that was broadcast in 1992.
A new teaser PV for the original anime '

NIGHT HEAD 2041' written by George Iida has been released. In this PV, you can hear the voices of two brothers.

TV Anime 'NIGHT HEAD 2041' Teaser PV 2nd --YouTube

Daisuke Ono plays the role of Naoto, the brother of the Kirihara brothers, who awakened to high psychokinesis ability when he was a child.

Nobunaga Shimazaki plays the role of Naoya Kirihara, a kind-hearted young man who has reading ability and prioritizes his brother and surroundings over himself.

Takahiro Sakurai plays the role of Takuya, the brother of the Kuroki brothers who belong to the National Safety Forces Special Forces.

Kensho Ono plays the role of Yuya, the younger brother of the Kuroki brothers, who joins the top team of the National Safety Forces Special Forces along with his brother Takuya, which is also not in the drama version.

The comments of each cast are as follows.

Q: Q:
Please tell us your impression of the character and your impression when you decided to appear in the work.

Daisuke Ono:
I was a junior high school student when the TV drama was aired. At that time, I had a vague admiration for the TV industry. The popularity of 'NIGHT HEAD' was a social phenomenon. I remember thinking that one day I would like to be involved in such a work.

It was a work that I knew, so I was very honored to be able to entrust it to Naoya, the younger brother of the Kirihara brothers, and I was looking forward to what it would be like. Furthermore, Naoya's visuals were so good that I got more excited.

With the original character of this work, I was thrilled to see the world line where another brother different from the familiar Kirihara brothers appeared.
Takuya is a hot man with a younger brother. I think his charm is the charm and playfulness that makes you want to call him 'Aniki'.

Ken Ono:
When I saw Yuya's first character design and settings, I felt that she was a cool character. At the same time, the Kuroki brothers are original characters that are not in the TV drama version, so how do you get involved in the work?
I was really looking forward to it. As I received the script and read it, there were many unpredictable developments about the ending of the story, which made me excited.
Personally, I was very happy that my brother was Mr. Sakurai.

Q: Q:
Please give a message to your fans, such as your enthusiasm for the work.

As Naoto Kirihara, I would like to convey the universal message of the story 'NIGHT HEAD' and the positive thoughts toward the future. Please take a look.

Even during the cast, what will happen after each episode! ?? I recorded it while having fun and excitement. I'm sure everyone will enjoy it. Please look forward to it!

Isn't it a work that matches the current era?
I think the existence of this 'NIGHT HEAD 2041' has great significance because we can see the future and the future.
How will the Kuroki brothers, who are depicted as chasing sides, influence the story? Please take a look.

Ken Ono:
In addition to how the original character Kuroki brothers are involved with the Kirihara brothers who are originally in the TV drama version, this 'NIGHT HEAD 2041' is a unique world view, so the world view of 'NIGHT HEAD' is also While cherishing it, I will do my best to create a new world view. I hope everyone will be looking forward to the broadcast.

'NIGHT HEAD 2041' will be broadcast from July 2021 in the Fuji TV series '+ Ultra' frame.

©飯田譲治/NIGHT HEAD 2041 製作委員会

Original: George Iida
Director: Takamitsu Hirakawa
Composition / Screenplay: George Iida
Character design draft: Ito Ogure
Concept art: Kenichiro Tomiyasu (INEI)
Music: Yutaka Yamada
Planning / Producing: Slow Curve
Animation production: Shirogumi

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