A fierce man who has added 'a function to pour beer in a pee style' to that dog-shaped robot 'Spot' has appeared

The dog-like quadruped walking robot '

Spot ' developed by Boston Dynamics has been on commercial sale since 2019 and is also used for remote triage of people infected with the new coronavirus. A fierce man who has added 'a function that automatically recognizes the position of the cup and pours beer in a pee style' has appeared in such a spot.

Teaching a Robot Dog to Pee Beer --YouTube

'Pee-style beer automatic pouring function' was added to Spot by Michael Reeves, who develops various interesting hardware. Reeves praises Spot for its high runnability as an 'engineering masterpiece.'

After getting the long-desired Spot, Mr. Reeves decided to add a 'pee-type beer automatic pouring function' to the Spot because 'it looks interesting'.

The 'pee-type beer automatic pouring function' that Mr. Reeves is trying to add to Spot looks like this. First, place the cup on the floor.

Then Spot recognizes the cup placed on the floor ...

It is a function of pouring beer like pee.

Reeves first assembled a beer injection mechanism to attach to the Spot.

This mechanism can adjust the injection angle and can inject beer at the target position. 'This is Spot's penis,' Reeves said.

Next, Reeves developed software that automatically adjusts the beer injection angle. The software recognizes the white part of the cup and determines the angle at which the beer is ejected.

However, this method had the problem that 'white floors and cups cannot be distinguished'.

So Reeves decided to attach a light to the beer injection mechanism to illuminate the underside of the injection mechanism.

As a result, the inside of the cup becomes the whitest, so it is now possible to accurately recognize the cup even on a white floor.

This completes the 'function to automatically inject beer by aiming at the cup' of the 'pee-type beer automatic pouring function'.

Let's actually try the completed beer injection mechanism. The position of the Spot is fixed because the 'function to automatically move to the position of the cup' has not been created yet.

If you place the cup under the Spot ...

Beer was ejected vigorously.

Now that the 'function to automatically aim at the cup and eject beer' has been completed, the next step is to create the 'function to automatically move to the position of the cup'. This feature requires a camera to recognize the position of the cup, but the

camera system sold by Boston Dynamic is quite expensive at $ 29,750.

So, Mr. Reeves bought a security camera for about $ 30 (about 3300 yen) from Amazon.

It is a strategy to wirelessly transmit videos to a PC by connecting the purchased security camera to a wireless transmitter.

In addition, Reeves has developed a system that recognizes red cups. As a result, when the security camera attached to Spot recognizes the cup ...

Automatically approach the cup ...

You can now automatically move to the optimum position for beer injection.

'A function to automatically aim at the cup and eject beer' and 'a function to automatically move to the position of the cup' are completed, and if you attach a beer tank marked 'Piss' to the Spot, 'pee type' Completion of Spot equipped with 'automatic beer pouring function'.

The Spot equipped with the 'pee-type automatic beer pouring function' was named 'Pissbot 9000'.

The whole picture looks like this.

Now, let's pour the beer into the cup that was actually placed on the floor. First of all, the security camera mounted in front of the Spot recognizes the cup.

Next, Spot approaches the cup ...

Completed moving to the optimum position for pouring beer.

Succeeded in pouring beer into a cup splendidly.

However, the Spot moved while pouring, and the beer was scattered on the floor.

Mr. Reeves also has a headache for this.

I will try again, but this time Spot's foot hit the cup and I knocked it down.

The floor is covered with beer.

I tried many times and finally succeeded in pouring beer into the cup. Mr. Reeves is also overjoyed.

Regarding the 'pee-type beer automatic pouring function' created this time, Mr. Reeve said, 'The'Pissbot 9000'has a 35% chance of working perfectly.'

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