Why is the cat's tummy bulging?

The cat's tummy looks fluffy, but it's not always fat. Live Science, a science news site, explains what a cat sways when it walks, if it's not fat.

Why do cats have belly'pouches'? | Live Science


The sagging abdomen of a cat is a soft skin and fat tissue named 'primordial pouch', sometimes called 'loose skin' in Japan.

This loose skin is located in the lower abdomen of the cat. 'Loose skins are perfectly normal and healthy and are found in all cats. They vary in size, some of which are almost undetectable,' said Jose Arche, president of the American Veterinary Medical Association. Loose skin can be seen as if the cat is bouncing back and forth while running. '

According to Arche, there are three main theories as to why cats have loose skin.

One is 'to protect the internal organs by preventing the enemy's claws and teeth from biting into the abdomen during battle.' The theory is that loose skin's role is to protect yourself from deadly attacks by having a bag covered with fur or fat.

The second theory is 'to allow cats to move faster'. It is believed that the loose skin stretches and contracts as you run, increasing your body's flexibility and allowing you to run farther.

And the third theory is that 'it is a space for eating a large amount of food and storing that energy.' Most home-reared cats have a controlled diet, but wild cats live their lives when they can. Loose skin functions as a nutrition tank by killing large prey, eating it, and storing the stored fat.


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Not only cats, but also large cats such as lions and tigers have loose skin. According to Arche, the development of loose skin can be seen in cats from around 6 months of age, regardless of whether they are male or female.

'It's important for owners to tell if their cat has a large loose skin or is fat,' said Arche. Like humans, obesity can cause heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure in cats, and it also increases the risk of arthritis and cancer, so owners need to make a good distinction between loose skin and obesity.

According to Arche, it is important to closely observe the cat's body shape in order to distinguish between loose skin and obesity. When holding a cat and standing on its hind legs, the loose skin hangs from the lower part of the lower body toward the hind legs. On the other hand, the fat on the abdomen is attached to the entire lower body, so it can be distinguished.

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Also, if you can't feel the ribs of a cat when you hold it, it's likely that you're overweight, Arche said. In addition, the fat in the abdomen does not shake so much even if the cat walks or runs, so it seems to be distinguishable.

'If you think your cat is overweight, talk to your veterinarian. You may be diagnosed with a low-fat, high-fiber diet,' said Arche. I am. In addition, in order to prevent obesity in cats, it is important to play with toys and exercise for 15 minutes a day without fail.

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