A tasting review of 'Gochi Repilais Gapao Sauce', a house where you can instantly make Thai specialties that have been remodeled for Japanese people.

From February 8, 2021, ' Gochi Repilais

Gapao Sauce', which is based on the image of Thai Gapao, has appeared in the 'Gochi Repilais ' series of house foods that make it easy to make world-famous dishes using only regular ingredients. Gapao rice, which is completed simply by frying onions and minced meat and then adding roux, is said to have a taste that can be enjoyed by the whole family without using nam pla, which has different tastes, so actually make it crispy and eat it. Saw.

You can easily make popular menus with a special roux! 'Gochi Repilais' [Gapao Sauce] is now on sale! | News Release | Company Information | House Foods

This is 'Feast Repilais Gapao Sauce'.

The spiciness is 'medium spicy'.

Looking at the raw materials column, you can see that in addition to 'oyster sauce,' 'flavored vegetable powder,' 'curry powder,' 'roasted

fenugreek, ' 'roasted coriander, ' 'katsuo flavor seasoning,' 'sake lees powder,' and other Japanese dishes. Materials such as were also listed.

How to make Gapao rice is like this.

So, let's actually make it. All you need is 'ground pork 300g', 'one and a half onion' and 'half a gochi repilais gapao sauce'.

First, fry a large chopped onion over medium to high heat until it becomes soft ...

Add minced meat and continue to fry until cooked.

When the minced meat is cooked, add 100 ml of water, and when it boils, turn off the heat.

Next, add the roux of 'Feast Repilais Gapao Sauce'. First, pull the knob on the side of the package ...

You can open it by turning it around. In the box, there is a roux that can make a total of 8 servings of Gapao rice with 4 dishes x 2 times, but if you say 'I do not make so much at once' ...

Combining the packages like this is convenient because it can be stored compactly in the refrigerator.

The roux looks just like curry roux.

Insert the roux into a frying pan, heat it again, and when the roux melts ...

Completed over rice.

This time, I also topped the fried egg.

When you try it, the umami of pork and the sweetness of onions spread throughout your mouth with the richness of seafood in oyster sauce. Although it is positioned as 'medium spicy', it has almost no pungent spiciness, so even editorial staff who are not good at spicy food could eat it without problems. Also, since the nam pla with different tastes is not used and the scent of basil is very slight, other editorial staff who tasted it said, 'Japanese people expect more than Gapao that comes out at Thai restaurants. Some commented that it was close to Gapao and that it had a sense of stability that reminded me of meat and potatoes.

It has a slightly oily impression because it uses abundant minced pork, but thanks to the deeply seasoned roux soaking into the rice, the rice goes on like curry rice. For those who are worried about being greasy, I felt that it would be ant to try minced pork to make minced meat or add vegetables such as paprika.

'Gochi Repilais Gapao Sauce' has been available for purchase at retail stores nationwide since February 8, 2021, and the reference retail price is 258 yen excluding tax. In addition, it is also handled by Amazon.co.jp, and the price at the time of article creation was 2491 yen including tax (249 yen per piece) for 10 pieces.

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