Twitter acquires app integration platform 'Reshuffle'

Twitter has acquired Reshuffle, an integrated platform that allows you to develop original applications by combining existing applications.

Welcoming Reshuffle to the flock

'Reshuffle' is a platform that allows you to develop applications in full stack without any knowledge of the back end. You can develop an application by simply rewriting the source code of the application prepared as a template using React , customizing it, and downloading it when you are finally satisfied with it.

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Twitter announced that it has acquired such Reshuffle. Twitter explains why it acquired Reshuffle: 'Twitter supports millions of developers through APIs, and the platform is a developer community that brings incredible value and innovation. We are Twitter. We are committed to improving the developer experience at the same time as making new improvements to our API , and we have created a faster and easier way for developers to grow with us. We welcome Reshuffle to Twitter to accelerate the process. '

With the acquisition of Twitter, Reshuffle's development team will join Twitter's developer platform team. Going forward, Reshuffle's development team will focus on key parts of product, engineering, and developer interactions, while better supporting the diverse and innovative developer ecosystem. It is said that API will be built.

Since Twitter released the new third-party API 'Twitter API v2' in August 2020, it has provided new features in a more flexible and scalable way to meet the needs of developers. This allows developers to analyze tweets on Twitter, and the API can handle hidden replies, tweet annotations, and so on.

Twitter releases a new API for third parties 'Twitter API v2', the API that was previously divided into three is integrated, eliminating the need for troublesome migration --GIGAZINE

Although the commercial version of Reshuffle will be terminated by this acquisition, the open source version will continue to be provided for the developer community.

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