Google announces Flutter 2 that allows you to develop native apps for any platform

Google has announced Flutter 2, a major upgrade to the open source application framework

Flutter. You can develop applications natively compiled for mobile web desktops from a single code base.

Google Developers Blog: Announcing Flutter 2

Google has announced Flutter 2, a major upgrade to Flutter. Flutter 2 allows you to release apps for five different operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux, with the same code base. You can also develop experiences for web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge as well. In addition, it can be used to develop embedded applications for automobiles, TVs and smart home devices.

Google says, 'Our goal is not to target the platform, but to start with the experience you want to create and radically change the way developers build apps. With Flutter, brand and design. Flutter compiles the source into machine code at high speed, but supports stateful hot reloads, so you can keep your environment productive while your app is running. You'll be able to see the results immediately after making changes, and because Flutter is open source, thousands of contributors add it to the core framework and use it to extend the package ecosystem. I am doing it. '

Over 150,000 apps have already been developed on Flutter for the apps distributed on Google Play alone. Since these apps can be easily released for the desktop and the web without rewriting the code for each platform, developers can easily increase the distribution destinations of the apps. Also, Flutter users can upgrade to Flutter 2 for free.

Developers of popular apps such as WeChat, Grab, Yandex Go, Nubank, Sonos, Fastic, Betterment, and use Flutter, and more than 1000 engineers within Google use Dart and Flutter to run their apps. It is being developed. For Google products, apps such as Stadia, Google One, and Google Nest Hub have been released through Flutter.

Google Pay also switched to Flutter a few months ago, and Google says that 'already significantly improved productivity and quality', the move to Flutter has made the development environment better. By integrating the code base, the development team succeeded in eliminating functional inconsistencies between platforms and removing more than 500,000 lines of unnecessary code.

The biggest feature of Flutter 2 is the evolution of web support. Flutter 2 is evolving to include a richer platform API that enables hardware-accelerated 2D and 3D graphics and highly sophisticated apps with flexible layout and paint APIs. ..

In the initial release of Flutter 2, especially 'Progressive Web App (PWA) that combines the functions of Web, Reach and Desktop App', 'Single Page App (SPA) that loads once and sends and receives data to and from Internet services', 'Existing Bring the Flutter mobile app to the web and enable shared code for both experiences. '

Some of the web apps already built with Flutter are available. Flutter is also used in the programming tools for

iRobot 's programming robot ' Root'.

In addition, Flutter 2 can also be used to develop desktops, embedded devices, etc., so we are in partnership with multiple companies. Google's most important partnerships are '

CanonicalPartnership' to advance Flutter's Linux relationship, 'Continuous Collaboration with Microsoft' to extend Windows support, and 'Toyota Partnership' Listed. It seems that the in-vehicle system using Flutter will be developed through the alliance with Toyota.

In addition, Google has released a beta version of Google Mobile Ads for Flutter. This is a new SDK that works with AdMob and AdManager to provide various ad formats for various video ads such as banners, interstitial native rewards, etc. Google has already piloted Google Mobile Ads for Flutter with some customers, so it will be provided to more companies in the future.

The reason Flutter is able to develop apps for various platforms is because it uses 'Dart' as its programming language. Google released Dart 2.12 at the same time as Flutter 2 was announced, and you can check the details from the following page.

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