In response to Terraform's license change, development of 'OpenTF' is progressing as a fork of the open source version

In response to changes to the license of

Terraform , a tool that allows you to configure infrastructure based on code, development of `` OpenTF '' as a fork of the open source version is progressing.

The OpenTF fork is now available!

OpenTF Foundation

Terraform is a tool that automatically builds infrastructure from code, allowing you to safely and efficiently build, modify, and version. It has been developed by HashiCorp as open source software under the Mozilla Public License 2.0 since 2014, but HashiCorp suddenly announced on August 10, 2023 that it would switch Terraform's license to BSL , which partially restricts commercial use. There was a conflict with the community.

HashiCorp says that ``the impact on the community is minimal'' because BSL can freely use the source code as long as it does not conflict with HashiCorp. On the other hand, OpenTF stated in its manifesto that ``suddenly all Terraform users are facing potential legal risks,'' and appealed to the importance of continuing Mozilla Public License 2.0.

The OpenTF manifesto states that the following risks have occurred due to this license switch.

・Risk of being sued for license violation in the future
・Risk of competition due to changes in own products or HashiCorp products
・Risk that HashiCorp changes its interpretation of the scope of “competition”
・Risk of Terraform license being changed again

Because of these risks, new users are more likely to use open-source alternatives, and Terraform's community is declining. Furthermore, before adopting or investing in open source tools, all companies and developers need to consider ``how much risk is there in sudden license switching'', so not only Terraform but also similar open source tools OpenTF criticizes this action as it affects all source projects.

And on September 5, 2023, a forked version of Terraform was released as '

OpenTF ' under the Mozilla Public License 2.0. Although it is possible to test and develop locally, it is not an official release because some functions are not yet available.

With over 33,000 stars in the weeks since the OpenTF repository was created, the OpenTF development team said, 'This growth is unprecedented and we are humbled by your support. Thoughts,” he said. In the future, after preparing for the OpenTF release process, the alpha version will be released first, and the official version will be released after repeated testing by the community.

You can check the progress of the work on the GitHub repository . It states that there are ways to support development by contributing according to the guidelines and giving feedback on the OpenTF community Slack .

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