I tried 'Plenty of pork spring rolls' with plenty of big ingredients in spring rolls with an overwhelming crispy texture that echoes the sound

From February 23, 2021, Lawson has released ' Plenty of Pork Spring Rolls,' in which ingredients such as pork, vermicelli, wood ear, shiitake mushrooms, leeks, and carrots are fully wrapped in a crispy textured skin. It's a side dish that's perfect for side dishes and snacks, so I actually ate it and checked the taste.

Plenty of pork spring rolls | Lawson official website


Arrived at Lawson to get 'Plenty of pork spring rolls'.

I bought 'Plenty of pork spring rolls' and brought them home. The wrapping paper has an onomatopoeic sound that reminds you of the texture of spring rolls.

'Plenty of pork spring rolls' looks like this.

It is about this when placed side by side with the

iPhone 12 Pro with a total length of 146.7 mm to compare the size.

I broke it in half to check the ingredients. You can see that it contains pork, wood ear, vermicelli, leeks, carrots, and shiitake mushrooms.

When I actually eat it, it feels so crisp that people around me can hear the sound of 'crisp'. Since the ingredients such as pork and wood ear are cut into large pieces, you can fully enjoy the flavor of pork and the crunchy texture of wood ear. In addition, the ingredients are well seasoned with Kamiyu soup with chicken gala, ham, scallops, and flavored vegetables, so I was satisfied without sprinkling sauce.

In addition, 'Plenty of pork spring rolls' is provided wrapped in a special wrapping paper, so you can easily eat it by hand.

'Plenty of pork spring rolls' is 110 yen including tax and has been available at Lawson nationwide since February 23, 2021.

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