How to make a profit by abusing the Patron service for creators even though there is no activity record?


Lucas03 , a blog that describes matters related to investment and programming, how to make a profit by abusing the ' Patronage service Patreon link that YouTuber pasted on the video' even though you are not actually doing anything Is explained.

How I exploited existing youtube videos with a fake Patreon profile | Lucas03

The author, who regularly watches investment-related YouTube movies, noticed that a link to Patreon was posted in the summary section of a movie posted by a channel called ' DrUnlimited ' in 2017. Since the link is disabled and there is no link in recent movies, I thought, 'Dr Unlimited tried Patreon once, but gave up immediately.'

The last time Dr Unlimited posted the movie was 11 months ago, and I suspected that the YouTube channel was also abandoned. DrUnlimited has about 103,000 subscribers, and the author, who speculated that some people might click on this Patreon link in the future, said, 'I think this can be abused.' ..

So I created a Patreon account and opened a new Patreon page with the same URL as the link to Patreon on the Dr Unlimited movie. The Patreon page I actually created looks like this. I heard that I have never used Patreon before, but I created a simple page by diverting images from the YouTube channel.

The author prepares a monthly plan of 3 euros (about 380 yen) as a membership ...

'This is a test to see how Patreon works and what it takes to publish,' he wrote in the description. It took less than 30 minutes to create the entire page, and the page began to be published on January 31, 2021.

Although I didn't actively trick or lure anyone in, on February 13, 2021, two weeks after the Patreon page opened, an email notifying me that my supporters had registered for membership. Has arrived.

'I was made to think about how easy this fraudulent tactic would work,' said the author, who abused the link to Patreon left in the summary section, which YouTuber abandoned, in a short amount of time. He pointed out that he can earn monthly profits even on the page he made. The author has been developing the investment portfolio tracker Digrin for 6 years, but it seems that there are only a few paying members.

If you focus on creating Patreon pages by looking for links to Patreon that YouTuber has abandoned, it can be a pretty profitable business model. However, the author said that not only could abuse Patreon's system violate the Terms of Service, but 'I don't want to parasitize content creators and trick people into making money,' he said. I decided to publish it to the whole world.

The author has closed the Patreon page that he has already created for testing and has filed a refund for membership registrants, saying, 'I hope Patreon will block page recycling.' I will.

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