The domain added to the filter for ad blocking is deleted on DMCA infringement claim

As of 20145% of net users use it"Adblock Plus" and,"ΜBlock" that operates lighter than AdblockThere are a number of extensions and apps that block ads, such as. However, it is not a function or the application itself that supports the power, but a filter that judges which is an advertisement. As a particularly widely used filter, "EasyListThere is, but a little confusing situation occurred around one registered domain.

Ad blocking is under attack

DMCA, Easylist, Adblock, Copyright Access Control & Admiral: 10 Things to Know

The departure date is July 9, 2017 July 9 at 14:53, Mr. Fanboynz, one of the EasyList producers (User ID: ryanbr) Was an update done at GitHub. For the update content, add " ^ $ third-party" to easylist_adservers.txt and " ## a [href * ="? Affiliateid = "]" to easylist_specific_hide.txt In two, the problem became "".

A: (Reported, uBlockOrigin/uAssets@3fafc36)

To this update, 22:57 on July 18, a user who claims to be dmcahelper, "It is reported that added content corresponds to" Avoiding access control of copyright ".RepositoryPlease delete. Please refer to the link destination for the DMCA deletion policy of GitHub. " However, Mr. Fanboynz replied, "If GitHub contacts us directly, we will not use the newly created account." Dmcahelper 's account was created on July 18, 2017 that day when I made a comment. There was nothing to show that Mr. dmcahelper belonged to GitHub and other organizations even when looking at profiles.

However, at this time it is Mr. Fanboynz in a thrusting manner, but at 6:06 on August 10, 2017, " ^ $ third-party" will be deleted from easylist_adservers.txt. The reason was a DMCA infringement complaint due to the domain being used to avoid "ad blocking" against the domain. Fanboynz who accepted deletion said in GitHub's comment that if it is a domain used for the same purpose, it should be deleted even if there is no DMCA infringement claim and the existence of such a domain adds a filter to EasyList It is the reason why it is becoming limited.

M: Removed due to DMCA takedown request · easylist / easylist @ a 4 d 380 a · Git Hub

Actually, it seems that the account "dmcahelper" seems to belong to a company Admiral, a company offering a system to restore advertisement revenue, on Admiral's blog dated August 11, 2017.

According to Admiral revealed, "" is not the domain used for the ad server, it is provided as Admiral's DMCA copyright access control platform. I was in direct contact with Adblock Plus and EasyList in 2016 to share the information and shared the information, but I have requested to delete this domain registration to EasyList, but because it is not "GitHub official ... ..." Because it was a reaction, it seems that it was the circumstance that GitHub 's DMCA deletion policy was officially requested and deleted.

As a countermeasure against ad block,Google and Amazon are paying money to Adblock Plus to display advertisementsIt is clear that this Admiral method may be a new countermeasure.

Meanwhile, this is expressed as "attacks on ad blocks" "Adguard providing ad blocking apps". It is natural that you feel a sense of crisis as the meaning of the application will be lost if you can not block ads.

Crucibles between "ad block" and "vs. ad block", perhaps this case may be a divide.

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