How to reject trackbacks from Key Center's Net

Key Center's Net ( the trackback spam has reached endlessly from the site that is running fully automatic, and it came to a halt, so I thought about various ways to reject it.
Looking at the log, the IP address was "". Displayed by host name is "". If you can use ".htaccess" I think that you can prevent it for the time being if you play this.

Also, since this IP address is the IP address of as it is, it depends on the environment even if you play itself.

From this IP address it started from 23 o'clock on August 17 in the log at hand. From here until 14 o'clock, I only got the RSS endlessly, but after 14 o'clock I seem to be firing trackbump spam with pom-pon.

Looking at the behaviors of this fully automatic moving site, we firstly read "Mozilla / 5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; ja; rv: Gecko / 20060728 Firefox / "as UserAgent name. I will come to acquire RSS.

次に、UserAgent名「Wget/1.10.2 (Red Hat modified)」を使ってRSSで回収した記事にアクセスし、トラックバックアドレスを取得した後に、UserAgent名「PEAR HTTP_Request class ( )」からPOSTしてトラックバックしてくるという仕組みです。

If you understand so far, you can also play with "mod_security".

"Mod_security" which can also be used for trackback spam banning - GIGAZINE


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