'Terraria' developer cancels Stadia version development because Google account becomes unavailable and 'I do not want to be involved with Google'

Andrew Spinks, who led the development of the sandbox game ' Terraria ' that allows you to freely do anything on the world stage such as resource collection, item search, battle, etc., has been using it for over 15 years and has been closely linked to business. It was revealed that the Google account is in an unusable state. Spinks, who is very dissatisfied with Google's response, has announced that he will cancel the development of Terraria for Google Stadia.

According to Spinks' tweet on February 8, 2021, the Google account was unavailable three weeks ago, and I have no idea why it became unavailable. The account that can no longer be used is that of Terraria's development company 'Re-Logic', which is represented by Mr. Spinks.

As a result, not only can you not access many games purchased on Google Play, but all the data on Google Drive is lost, you can not access the YouTube channel, and you can not access the Gmail address that you have used for over 15 years. That's right.

Regarding this measure, Spinks said, 'I can only think that Google has decided to burn this bridge,' and announced that it will cancel the development of Terraria for Google Stadia and discontinue support for Terraria for Android.

“I don't want to be involved with a company that doesn't care about its customers and partners. Doing business means taking responsibility,” he concludes.

There is still an open exchange on Twitter about what kind of support was provided. Initially, the official Terraria Twitter account asked ' Can you support me with DM? ', But YouTube responded 'I may be able to help without DM ', so it was a public exchange. is.

According to Terraria's explanation, there have been no new posts on YouTube in the last few months, and although there have been occasional emails notifying them of violations of the rules, 'there is a high possibility of an accident and it will not be a so- called'strike ''. It was.

However, three days later, the Google account became unavailable without warning. The explanation around here is the same as that given by Mr. Spinks.

Upon receiving the explanation, the YouTube side confirmed that the account was 'active' and replied, 'Can you see if the email address associated with YouTube is accessible?'

'It's certainly active, but I can't access it. I can't access my Gmail account,' Terraria said.

In response to this, YouTube guided the restoration of the Google account . However, this is a 'method of recovering an account deleted by the user himself', not a 'cancellation of unavailability measures by Google' required by Terraria.

Regarding this matter, news site PCMag speculates that Terraria will be a loss for Google more than Re-Logic because Terraria has been released on iOS, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch as well as Android. Google Stadia also described it as losing its guaranteed hits. However, regarding Google Stadia, Google has closed its internal game development department for Stadia, and it is said that it will not affect many people with or without Terraria.

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