How much will the repair price be reduced annually once the 'right to repair' is established?

In recent years, there have been widespread calls for 'rights to repair' in the United States, saying that the situation where only manufacturers can repair electronic devices such as smartphones is suspected of violating the Antimonopoly Act. Bills were submitted in the province of more than 20, Apple is a representative of the technology companies is also a movement to recognize the 'right to repair'

has seen . Consumers are currently buying new products rather than paying high repair costs, but in 2021, the non-profit organization Public Interest Research Group (PIRG), which is involved in consumer protection, said, 'Repair, not replacement. How much can you save by choosing? ”Was calculated and announced.

Right to Repair off to the races in 2021 with 14 active states | US PIRG

In early January 2021, PIRG's Nathan Proctor and colleagues published a report entitled ' Repairs Save a Great Family .' 'Americans have an average of 24 electronic devices at home,' Nathan and colleagues said in a report. 'It's better for households to send out for repairs than to buy a new product.' Is also kind. ' In this report, we investigate how much money can be saved by actually repairing, 'If you repair more products and use them longer, Americans will spend $ 330 a year per family (about 34,000 yen). ) You can save money. '

The scope of the right to repair is not limited to electronic devices, but has expanded to include cars and agricultural machinery, and parts necessary for repair will be widely distributed in the future. In 2021, the Washington State House of Representatives on Consumer Protection and Business held its first hearing on the right to repair, discussing how lack of equipment parts and information could affect repairs in non-authorized stores. I did.

Nowadays, many people spend their time at home, the demand for repairing equipment is increasing, and the right to repair is widely needed. 'There are plenty of opportunities in parliament and federal agencies to accelerate the acquisition of repair rights, and there is a lot of activity in Australia and France,' Nathan and colleagues conclude.

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