Pointed out that there are different reasons for infanticide depending on gender

In Australia, mothers and fathers often kill their children, and there are

reports that 18% of murders in Australia are infanticides. Dennis Buiten , a researcher on social justice at the University of Notre Dame , explains the gender differences in the reasons for infanticide .

Men and women kill their children in roughly equal numbers, and we need to understand why

According to Mr. Buiten, there are about the same number of infanticides by mothers and fathers in Australia. For this reason, some researchers argue that there is no gender difference in domestic violence. However, Buiten points out that mothers and fathers have different reasons for babies, based on 238 cases of babies in Australia from 2000 to 2012.

The most common reasons for mothers to kill children are 'mother's abandonment of childcare' and 'father abuse'. In addition, there have been many cases of young mothers killing infants and newborns because of 'unwanted pregnancy', but in recent years, not only young mothers but also elderly mothers have been killed for the same reason. It has been reported. In addition, many mothers range from distorted beliefs such as 'to relieve children's pain' to infanticide.

In addition, Buiten points out that many mothers who commit infanticide suffer from mental illness. In 2017, a woman killed seven of her children and one niece in Queensland, Australia, for a total of eight people. The court has ruled that 'a woman has a mental illness and lacks criminal liability.'

According to Mr. Buiten, father's infanticide is often done as an extension of domestic violence or in retaliation against a partner. Also, most of the family murders in which both the partner and the child are victims are said to have been caused by the father.

As mentioned above, there are gender differences in the reasons for infanticide, but Mr. Buiten said, 'Not all infanticides fit into these patterns. The reasons why parents kill their real children are not simple. , Multiple reasons are intricately intertwined. '

Buiten also believes that the culture of seeing children as 'property' belonging to their parents has a distant cause for infanticide. 'We need to put our children in the center of the family and do our best for their benefit, rather than just seeing them as witnesses to problems within the family,' said Infanticide. We are sending out the attitude to prevent the occurrence.

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