I tried 'Peyoung Jigoku Spicy Curry Yakisoba', which is super spicy and has a lips but sweat on the forehead.

' Peyang Jigoku Spicy Curry Yakisoba ', which has made Peyang, one of the popular cup yakisoba, spicy, has appeared on January 18, 2021 (Monday). It is said that it is a taste of a spicy fan who reproduces 'spicy enough to cry' as it says 'spicy in prison', so I actually tried it, but I feel overwhelming regret. It was become a thing.

Payang Jigoku Spicy Curry Yakisoba | Maruka Foods Co., Ltd.


The package of 'Peyoung Jigoku Spicy Curry Yakisoba' looks like this. The Indian-style illustrations and the words 'Hell Spicy Curry' are impressive.

At the bottom of the package, there is a note saying, 'Because the spiciness is strong enough to cry, please be careful when eating small children and those who are not good at spiciness.'

Spices and pepper paste are written in the raw material name, but I can't find any other ingredients that remind me of spiciness.

The calorie per meal is 528 kcal.

That's why I flipped the lid over ...

Take out the extremely spicy curry sauce from the inside.

Then open the noodles on top of the noodles ...

Pour hot water and wait 3 minutes.

After 3 minutes, drain the water ...

Sprinkle with super spicy curry sauce.

As for the sauce, a brown liquid like curry came out first, but at the end, a bright red oil came out muddy.

Complete by entwining the sauce with the noodles. The scent is curry-flavored and has no pungent odor, so it is appetizing.

So when you put the noodles in your mouth to actually taste it, the intense stimulation of the pepper spreads the moment the noodles touch. The aroma is the appetizing curry itself, but the stimulus of the pepper is so strong that you can hardly feel anything that can be called 'taste'. You can feel the umami of pork and the flavor of curry in the depths of the spicy pepper, but those who are weak in spiciness may not feel the umami due to too much stimulation. I realized that it is no exaggeration to say that the note on the package, 'Because it is so hot that you can cry, please be careful when eating small children and those who are not good at spiciness.' The editorial staff, who are vulnerable to spicy foods, are struck by the spiciness that cannot be tolerated unless they raise their voices many times the moment they put the noodles in their mouths. It seemed to burn with a tingling sensation. Speaking of super spicy cup noodles that you can easily enjoy, there is

Mokotanmen Nakamoto spicy miso, but it was spicy enough to overwhelm this.

The manufacturer's suggested retail price for 'Peyoung Jigoku Spicy Curry Yakisoba' is 205 yen, excluding tax, and Amazon.co.jp sells 18 pieces for 3776 yen. Unless you are strong in spiciness, it is a good idea to feel free to touch it, so we recommend that you think carefully before purchasing.

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