I tried playing the multiplayer life game 'Conway's Multiplayer Game of Life' where you can observe the growth and death of cells for free


Life Game ' is a mathematical model developed by mathematician John Horton Conway , and you can observe the life, death, and evolution of life by increasing or decreasing cells. I tried playing the browser game ' Conway's Multiplayer Game of Life ' that allows multiple people to enjoy such a life game at the same time.

Conway's Multiplayer Game of Life

The top screen of 'Conway's Multiplayer Game of Life' looks like this. The screen of the life game is placed in the center, and the high score ranking, chat, and online players are displayed below it.

To start the game, first decide on the player color. The player color changes depending on the position of the mouse pointer in the frame marked 'your color'. I decided to play in blue this time.

Enter a name of your choice and click 'play' to start the game.

The game screen looks like this. ' Cells ' placed by other players are displayed on the screen. In 'Conway's Multiplayer Game of Life', each time the

progress bar at the top is filled, one generation advances, and as each generation advances, the shape of the cell changes according to the rules of the life game .

Up to 12 cells can be placed in the initial state. Click anywhere on the screen and click 'place cells' ...

You can arrange cells like this. This time I tried to reproduce the shape called

blinker . In addition, the consumed cells can be recovered by 1 for each 8 generations, and up to 12 cells can be retained.

The placed cells change their shape as the generation progresses. In Conway's Game of Life, cells may disappear in a few generations depending on the arrangement, but blinkers continue to live by switching vertically and horizontally.

Next, I will arrange it in a shape called a

glider that keeps moving diagonally upward.

The cell moved diagonally upward as expected, but it came into contact with a cell placed by another player.

If a cell comes into contact with another player, the cell of the player that fills many surrounding cells will survive. This time, the green player's cell survived and the blue cell died.

I thought, 'I want to grow more cells!',

So I investigated the arrangement of cells and tried to arrange them.

The placed cells will grow steadily. Thinking that 'it will continue to grow as it is' ...

A cell placed by another player has moved and touched.

The cell mass was larger for the blue player, but the contact position was bad and most of the proliferated cells died.

'Conway's Multiplayer Game of Life' is a multiplayer game, but it's perfect for killing time because you can see how your cell and other players' cells come into contact and change shape, not the reason why the game is decided. Game. Also, it was a game that you could watch for minutes because it could grow into an interesting shape just by arranging the cells properly.

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