10 Evidences of Extraterrestrial Life Discovered in 2020

Human beings have been conducting research for a long time to solve the mystery 'Does extraterrestrial life exist?', And in 2020, many discoveries about extraterrestrial life were made. Therefore,

Live Science , a science media, has compiled 10 particularly noteworthy items from the 'Discoveries and Reports on Extraterrestrial Life Reported in 2020'.

Extraterrestrial evidence: 10 incredible findings about aliens from 2020 | Live Science

◆ 1: A mysterious signal from Alpha Centauri C
In October 2020, a strange signal was observed from the direction of 'Alpha Centauri C', which is the star closest to the solar system and is known as ' Proxima Centauri '. This signal is not transmitted from artificial satellites or spacecraft, and it was detected 5 times in the observation over about 3 hours. Scientists are excited that 'it may be a signal from extraterrestrial life' because there is a planet called Proxima Centauri b in the habitable zone of Proxima Centauri .

◆ 2: Discover traces of life activity in the atmosphere of Venus
A survey in September 2020 detected a gas called 'phosphine' produced by anaerobic microorganisms in the atmosphere of Venus. This discovery is said to be the greatest discovery in the history of extraterrestrial exploration, and NASA Jim Bridenstine's secretary said, 'It is the greatest progress ever to show extraterrestrial life.'

'Maximum' progress in extraterrestrial exploration history, traces of life in the atmosphere of Venus-GIGAZINE

◆ 3: Extraterrestrial life may be a vehicle
In 2017, scientists observed the cigar-shaped object 'Oumuamua' running through the solar system. Since Oumuamua has an elongated and strange shape like a cigar, some people even wondered, 'Is it a spaceship of extraterrestrial life?', But why did it become an unnaturally elongated shape? Yun Chan, who works at the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Douglas NC Lin, an emeritus professor of astronomy and astrophysics at the University of California, Santa Cruz, have proposed a powerful theory about the ship. I will.

The reason for the unnaturally long and slender shape of 'Oumuamua', which was the first interstellar object that flew from outside the solar system and jumped out to the spacecraft theory of extraterrestrial life, was found --GIGAZINE

However, there are still many unclear points such as 'Aumuamua is advancing while accelerating', so it has been pointed out that hydrogen explosions similar to those of rocket engines may still be occurring.

◆ 4: UFO footage released by the US Navy
In April 2020, the US Department of Defense released footage of unidentified flying objects taken by US Navy pilots. In three videos released, a pilot who actually encountered a mysterious flying object said, 'I have never seen anything flying with such performance and acceleration without wings.'

US Department of Defense Declassifies Movie Capturing 'Unidentified Flying Object' --GIGAZINE

◆ 5: There are surprisingly many celestial bodies that possess water.
It is said that there is a high possibility that 'liquid water', which is essential for life activities, exists not only in the solar system and the earth, but also in Jupiter's moon Europa and Saturn's moon Enceladus . A study published in June 2020 surveyed 53 extrasolar planets the same size as Earth and found that about a quarter had the right conditions to hold water. I will.

◆ 6: The fact that some microorganisms can live without oxygen
Most living things on the earth need oxygen for their life activities, but the volume ratio of oxygen in the earth's atmosphere is very small, about 0.1% in outer space, and therefore the area where living things live. It has been thought that it will be very limited. However, a paper published in May 2020 reveals that Escherichia coli and yeast can inhabit and grow even in an environment filled with pure hydrogen and helium. In other words, it was suggested that life could exist even if it was not in the exact same environment as the earth.

◆ 7: Pointed out that life can exist around black holes
It is a '

black hole ' that is extremely dense and swallows even light, but it has been pointed out that its characteristics may satisfy the conditions for life activities. There is a cosmic microwave background radiation in outer space, which is said to be a remnant of the birth of the universe, the ' Big Bang .' When the microwave falls into a black hole, the extreme gravitational blue shift cause, from the infrared to the visible light, ultraviolet light shift , and that the hot. Furthermore, when the black hole is rotating, the light converges and becomes like a spotlight, producing heat. If the object is too close to the black hole, it will be destroyed by gravity, and if it is too far, it will not get enough heat, but if the black hole is large and is rotating rapidly at least 1.6x108 times the mass of the sun, the condition is It is said that a suitable habitable zone will be created.

◆ 8: 1004 places where extraterrestrial life can observe earthlings
When we are looking for extraterrestrial life, extraterrestrial life may be looking for us too. In October 2020, scientists created and

published a 'catalog' of 1004 celestial bodies in suitable locations for observing life on Earth. All of these extrasolar planets are in a position where they can observe 'the state of the earth passing through the sun', and about 95% of them have conditions suitable for life activities.

◆ 9: Most extraterrestrials are probably already dead
Where there is life, there is death. The model released in December 2020 takes into account the time it takes for life to evolve into an intelligent life form and the possibility of destroying itself with the tools created by that life form. The results show that the most likely time for existence was about 5.5 billion years ago. Humans are a latecomer to the Milky Way galaxy, and it is possible that extraterrestrial life that humans can discover no longer exists.

◆ 10: When looking for another life, we have to change our existing perceptions.
Due to

cognitive bias and optical illusions , the human brain cannot correctly recognize something unexpected when it sees it. If extraterrestrial life looks completely different from the creatures that live on Earth, can we recognize it as a living thing? Claire Webb of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology says she must change her perception of what she is familiar with to look like something she doesn't know and train her to see things 'from the perspective of extraterrestrial life.'

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