Introducing a new function to convert still images to moving photos 'cinematic photos' in Google Photos

It was announced that '

Google Photos ' will introduce unique new features such as ' Cinematic Photo ' that turns still images into short movie-like photos.

New Cinematic photos and more ways to relive your Memories

One of the new features added to Google Photos, 'Cinematic Photo,' is a feature that allows you to relive your memories in a more vivid and realistic way. Cinematic photography is a function that uses machine learning to predict depth information in an image and add an effect that zooms in on the subject. Even if the original still image does not contain depth information, it seems that it will be possible to zoom in on the subject by using machine learning.

Click on the picture below to see the GIF image play and see how the cinematic picture works in one shot. The left is the original still image, and the right is the cinematic photo.

In addition, the specifications that the cinematic photo version is automatically created for the photos saved in Google Photos. Cinematic photos can be shared in video format by anyone other than Google Photos users.

In addition, Google Photos will be offering new collage designs from early December 2020. The collage design is generated so that AI decides the font and background color from similar colors and makes it look more cohesive. An example of collage design is as follows.

In addition, the ' memories ' function of Google Photos has been updated to display a wider variety of photos than ever before. Google hasn't talked about updating the 'memories' feature, but 'based on the photos you upload, you'll be able to look back on a wider range of memories, such as sunset photos and photos of activities such as bread and hiking. I will. '

In addition, Google Photos has been able to store photos and videos for free & unlimited so far, but after June 2021, it became clear that the free storage capacity will be limited to '15 GB'. I am.

'Google Photos' that can save photos & videos for free & unlimited will be limited to 15GB after June 2021 --GIGAZINE

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